Picture of Clay Fall Harvest Dinner
This is a really fun little fall craft that you can put on a side table when you have guests come over. A cute touch to your autumn decor!

Basically all you will need is:

-Some clay tools(or you can choose to use your hands)

-Aluminium Foil

-Polymer Clay
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Step 1: Pumpkins (1)

Picture of Pumpkins (1)
Let's start with those pumpkins. You will need some foil and orange clay.

Step 2: Pumpkin (2)

Picture of Pumpkin (2)
Next, roll the clay flat(just make sure there are no holes).

Step 3: Pumpkin (3)

Picture of Pumpkin (3)
Wrap the flattened clay around the foil ball. Make sure no foil peaks through.

Step 4: Pumpkin (4)

Picture of Pumpkin (4)
Roll ball between your hands to make it smooth.

Step 5: Pumpkin (5)

Picture of Pumpkin (5)
Create a little hole at the very top for the stem. Then, make a little black tear-drop-ish shaped thing, and insert it into the hole.

Step 6: Pumpkin (6)

Picture of Pumpkin (6)
Add ridges, and your done!

Step 7: Turkey (1)

Picture of Turkey (1)
Now let's make the turkey. You will need a brown ball of clay, a ball of aluminum foil, and two pieces of white clay.

Step 8: Turkey (2)

Picture of Turkey (2)
Take the brown ball and roll it flat.

Step 9: Turkey (3)

Picture of Turkey (3)
Now wrap the flattened brown clay around the tin foil, with non of the foil peaking through.

Step 10: Turkey (4)

Picture of Turkey (4)
Smooth by rolling ball with hands.

Step 11: Turkey (5)

Picture of Turkey (5)
Make two holes at the end of the oval for the legs. Put legs into holes.

Step 12: Turkey (6)

Picture of Turkey (6)
Put in little holes for texture. And there you are: a turkey!

Step 13: Platter (1)

Picture of Platter (1)
Let's make a turkey platter. You will need some white clay and some red clay. First, flatten the white clay out(not all the way, keep it about as thick as about three quarter's thickness high)

Step 14: Platter (2)

Picture of Platter (2)
From another piece of white clay make two cylindrical shapes of equal size, and attach them to each end of the white tray for handles.

Step 15: Platter (3)

Picture of Platter (3)
Add whatever designs you want on there! For me I made two really thin strings of red clay and curled the ends of them, and pressed each one onto either side of the tray.

Step 16: Cranberries (1)

Picture of Cranberries (1)
Cranberries taste great with turkey! You will need some red balls and a white ball.

Step 17: Cranberries (2)

Picture of Cranberries (2)
Squish the white ball between your fingers until it becomes a thick disk.