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I was just looking through old pictures on my computer and I found this! This is a project my dad and I did before I joined Instructables with a friend of his that's an art teacher. We took a clay bowl that was molded and hardened around a mold, then we painted it and fired it again. It ended up looking really cool. I wish I had been a member of Instructables back then. If had more pictures and remembered the details better it could have been a cool project.


talty (author)2009-04-07

She must have LOVED it :) this is really cute! Which kind of paints did you use? I want to make bowls for my children (5 cats and a dog).

shantaram (author)2008-10-31

so creative good stuff

Sunny124613 (author)2008-08-03

This is really cute, and was Derby a real dog,or you just assumed that the painting of Derby was bad...

Gjdj3 (author)Sunny1246132008-08-29

She's my dog. She's the one in the pictures of my instructables on how to do dog tricks.

Sunny124613 (author)Gjdj32008-08-31

oh,well derby is very cute(i just looked at one of your dog insructables)

mieszalniapasz (author)2008-07-23

Woof !!! Woof !!! :D:D:D:D

Gjdj3 (author)mieszalniapasz2008-07-24


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