I was just looking through old pictures on my computer and I found this! This is a project my dad and I did before I joined Instructables with a friend of his that's an art teacher. We took a clay bowl that was molded and hardened around a mold, then we painted it and fired it again. It ended up looking really cool. I wish I had been a member of Instructables back then. If had more pictures and remembered the details better it could have been a cool project.
She must have LOVED it :) this is really cute! Which kind of paints did you use? I want to make bowls for my children (5 cats and a dog).
so creative good stuff
This is really cute, and was Derby a real dog,or you just assumed that the painting of Derby was bad...
She's my dog. She's the one in the pictures of my instructables on how to do dog tricks.
oh,well derby is very cute(i just looked at one of your dog insructables)
Woof !!! Woof !!! :D:D:D:D

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