Clay Miniatures





Introduction: Clay Miniatures

Comment if you want me to make any tutorials of the clay figures above!

Step 1: Legos

Step 2: Food

Step 3: Game Consoles

Step 4: Domo

Step 5: More FOOD

Step 6: Drinks

Like bubble tea and Starbucks!

Step 7: Oranges!

Step 8: Taffy!

Step 9: Sushi

Step 10: Candles

Step 11: Candy Apples

Step 12: Other Desserts!

Step 13:



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could you make a tutorial on the gaming consoles???

i was wondering the same mrpropmaster

how do you make these???????????

can i have a tutorial of the rock candy please ! i got polymer clay so

i am excited to use it . everything looks awesome ! :) :D

can you use polymer clay too for making these awesome miniatures ??

You could do it out of play dough but you won't be able to bake it and keep it forever. And play dough would be hardy to mold the figures because it's too soft @TiaRiaa

can you do this out of play dough or you have to do the miniatures with clay?

i am not sure but i only have play dough