Introduction: Clay Red Velvet Cupcake

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Step 1: Materials

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Balling tool



Step 2: The Right Color

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This took a while but I figured out how to get that blood red color
Mix together red a little purple and black
View the photo above

Step 3: Making Top Cake

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Grab a ball of the mixed colors and form into a ball
Place on surface and flatten edges with finger
Take a brush and poke the cake
Take a balling tool and make holes for the eyes
Add white clay or white frosting inside the holes
Roll out very thin strip of clay and form a mouth
This take very steady hands
Make a heart of white clay and place on top cake
Poke the cake again with brush

Step 4: Making the Cup

Picture of Making the Cup

Make a cylinder and place together with the cake
Smudge the top of the cake with the bottom on the edges
Create lines with the knife
Bake and glaze

Step 5: Enjoy!


Coolloom (author)2015-08-11


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