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Hey guys!! I'm so sorry I haven't made an instructable in a while. I was on vacation and I also didn't have any good ideas. I really hope you enjoy this and also, comment pictures if you try this. Also, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE request something!!!!! Thanks!!:)

Step 1: Supplies

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1.) polymer clay (blue) Sorry for the pens!!!

Step 2:

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Roll your clay into a thin line.

Step 3:

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Curl one end into a circle shape.

Step 4:

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Cut the end of the clay off and round out the bottom end where it might be flattened.

Step 5:

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Roll the excess clay into a coil.

Step 6:

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Cut a small amount of the tip of the coil to make sure it doesn't touch the round part. You will notice this looks more like a wave.

Step 7:

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Place the coil under the circle.

Step 8:

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Cut the excess clay off.

Step 9:

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Cook as directed on the box.

Step 10:

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Attach to a chain for a necklace or a ribbon or string for a bracelet. You can also make holes in the top or sides for any string.

Step 11:

You can glaze it if you want to. I think it gives it more of a water-like look when you do it.

Step 12:

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You're all done!!! Enjoy your pretty jewelry!! And again, if you recreate this, send me a picture in the comments!!!!!!!!


mclare50 (author)2013-04-11

Great, thank you so much!

clamb3 (author)2013-04-11

Hardware Store Plumming

mclare50 (author)2013-04-10

Thanks!! Where can you get that?

clamb3 (author)2013-04-10

Epoxy Putty = No Bake

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