Picture of Clay charm: Alien
I made this one eyed alien just for fun, and it came out much better then i though it would.

Materials needed:
Purple and white clay
Black marker 

Step 1: Step one: Body parts

Picture of Step one: Body parts
2012-02-21 16.57.16.jpg
2012-02-21 16.55.39.jpg
2012-02-21 17.02.05.jpg
1st: Start out with making a round ball for the head.
2nd: After the head make the body. All you have to do is roll out another ball but a bit bigger, then pull the top up to form the neck.
3rd: On the body part cut out the mouth. I used my finger nail to do this.
4th: On the head take a small piece of white clay and apply it to the front of the head to form the eye. After the eye is placed on the head, use small pieces of flat purple clay to hide the lines of the eye. (making eye lids)
5th: Now attach the head to the neck and smooth out the lines. Lastly add cute small flat feet. 
ahahahahaha LOL wat a funny looking alien(:
This reminds me of the aliens from Commander Keen.
coloured bubbles (author)  Charlie_Szasz3 years ago
I have never watch that before but thanks