Introduction: Clay Mushroom From Mario

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 how to make it

Step 1: The Body

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 First take a piece of white clay and roll it into a ball then flatten the bottom of it.

Step 2: The Top

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 now take red clay and mold it into a bowl shape then flip it upside down so that the open spot in the bowl in facing down

Step 3: Full Body

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 now take the white and red pieces you made and put the red clay on top of the white now to give the mushroom detail take little pieces of white clay roll them into a ball then flatten it on the table after doing that take it and put it on top of the red clay.

Step 4: The Eyes

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now just have to add the eyes their really simple take to small pieces of black clay and make them into small oval's then just stick them on.

Now you have a mario mushroom.


poofrabbit (author)2012-04-27

Very cute! Love the size next your Mario!

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