This is a fun Paper Mache'/Clay project that I enjoy doing. It takes several days to complete but last forever!

Step 1:

I cut strips of old news paper.

Step 2:

Then, I dipped the strips of newspaper in a wash composed of clay and water. This is a very thin mixture.

Step 3:

Next, laying each piece across recycled plastic containers, I repeated this process to get five layers. It dries out to be very hard and durable surface.

Step 4:

Last, I painted the cake to resemble my favorite Artist-Vincent Van Gogh's Starry Night!

<p>This is a winner</p>
<p>NIce job!!</p>
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<p>This is amazing</p>
<p>Cool work!</p>
<p>nice work!</p>
<p>looks so delish</p>
<p>This took alot of time, hope mthis one wins</p>
<p>Man this is some really good art and once i become president I will put this in the hall of fame for art</p>
<p>That cake looks good enough to eat!</p>
<p>wow! Amazing tribute to Van Gogh</p>
<p>wow,this is so amazing</p>
<p>That's totally awesome!</p>
<p>I, Donald J. Trump, love this artwork! </p>
<p>It's pretty :) Do you have any progress photos from when you were making it?</p>

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