Step 1: Find Some Clay or Rocks

Step 2: Paint the Main Part of the Rock White

Step 3: And the Roof Part Brown

Step 4: Then Add in the Details With a Fine Paint Brush

Step 5: Now Add Green Felt to the Bottom to Look Like Grass and So It Doesn't Scratch Surface

Step 6: Now You Have a Cute Rock/clay House Ointment

<p>Finally, a place to keep my pet Rocks!</p>
Thx grunambulax
Love these. Really clever. Great execution. Well done!
Yeah I know i kinda was in a rush but ill make a new tutorial later thx kiteman
Oh, the final product is cute, but the photos in the steps really let this project down. <br> <br>You need to use &quot;macro&quot; on a project like this.

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