Clean a Computer Keyboard





Introduction: Clean a Computer Keyboard

This instructable will show you how to clean up a dirty computer keyboard

Step 1: Materials

*Dirty keyboard (green)
*2nd keyboard or picture for reference to key location
*Flathead screwdriver
*Plastic bowl (or other bowl to clean the keys)
*Paper Towel
*Old Toothbrush (that can be thrown away after)

Step 2: Cleaning

1. Remove all the keys with a flathead screwdriver

2. Place removed keys in a bowl partly filled with water

3. Use a toothbrush and brush between the rows

4. Use a screwdriver wrapped with paper towel to dry in between rows

Step 3: Assemble the Keyboard

After the keyboard has been cleaned :
1. Remove the keys from the water place on paper towel to dry

2. After the keys have dried, use the second reference keyboard to reattach all the keys
*Note if you don't have a second keyboard use this link for a pic *

3. Plug it in and you're done

***Make sure you throw away the toothbrush***



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    Gotta get all that gamer gunk off somehow

    LOL, i took my old mac keyboard that i got for free, apart ant just putted it into a dishwasher,

    this is extremely effective, and much quicker than any possible way

    Macintosh keyboard!

    Hey there- I have a keyboard I have been using for over 18 years. I cannot place it in the dishwasher because It has multiple 'skins' of plastic with land runs on them. There are little rubber ' bell' looking rubber cones that go below the keys to provide the pressure for the keys to move up and down. If I just wash the keyboard, the liquid will go between the 'plastic' layers and not dry out. Done that, found it out, hand wash for all eternity... It seems as if this keyboard was a 'hybrid' that incorporated the old IBM 'click' keys with the newer 'soft' touch keys, with the little rubber 'cones' providing the travel for the keys to touch the plastic layer underneath to complete the the circuit for the keystroke to register. The 'sway' bar on the space key has finally broken out of it's plastic holder on one end, and the plastic catch on the space key has broken off also on the same side. I love this keyboard, and not wanting to deep 6 it, I tried putting some foam rubber off an old set of ear phones under the space key at each end to try and recover it to work as close as original as possible. After a little playing around I got it to work quite well. Thanks to Kagehi for the info on the space bar fix...James

    One thing missing from nearly every one of these is, "How do you get the damn metal pressure balances back on the keys that have them?" I spent almost a month with a partly working space bar, after a cleaning, before I decided to rip the two Alt keys back off, then bend up a paperclip to help lock the bar back in place. Turned out, the side that seemed to be disconnected was the one clipped in, so it was pushing the unconnected end up... No wonder I couldn't get the bloody thing to clip on right.

    Anyway, the trick, for those running into the problem, is to unbend the first loop of the clip, so you have a @___ shape, then bend that up, then down again, like

    Making a bit of a dip in the end may help to keep the rail seated on it too. The idea is so that, when you press down on the offending key, there is enough space between it and the base of the keyboard that the paper clip isn't in the way of the key being pressed, but the bit that sticks up under the key will hold the bar in place, so it locks into the clip point. Pretty much any other tool you might try doesn't have the right angle, so it won't let you even push the key down right, and the bar won't clip in place without something to hold it high enough that the key comes down on it, instead of just lying useless in the base.

    I am sure they have some actual tool for this when making these things, but heck if I know what they call it, or where you can even find one. All I know is, there is a reason I hate taking them apart to clean them, and its not the other 101+, single column, non-metal barred, keys. ;) lol

    In my opinion if you don't know the location of most of the keys you have to learn how to type

    Everyone knows how to type but don't know where every single key goes,you should take a good high res picture so that you can use the picture to put the keys back

    ... Look at this...


    good instructable. most of the other ones dont open up the keyboard. yours is good. YAY :D

    Two tips: > Put the key caps in a bowl of hot water and one scoop of Oxiclean. Let sit for five minutes. The Oxiclean will eat anything off of the keys but leave the keys and the letters in pristine condition > For yellowing keyboards, completely remove all the components and soak the plastic in Hydrogen Peroxide. It will significantly reduce, if not eliminate, the yellowing on your keyboard.