Just wanted to share a product I've used for years. The Victorian House Wood Finish Rejuvenator. I got these chairs from a garage sale and they have really sticky grease buildup. I tried Dawn dish soap and water and it just made the grease gummier. This product was invented for antiques but its great for all the wood in your home.

You will need to order the Rejuvenator at www.thevictorianhouseproducts.com

You will also need #0000 steel wool and lots of GOOD paper towels.. the cheap ones smear it.

Cut the steel wool into smaller pieces-I did 3rds.

STEP ONE- Shake it up and shake it often. The cleaners and oils separate fairly quickly

STEP TWO- Apply to the steel wool pad and put it on the wood liberally. I noticed I had a bit too much on the video- you really don't want it to run all over.

You will see the gunk dissolve and you should wipe it while it is dissolved. I did small areas at a time on the back of these chairs because they were extremely sticky.

STEP THREE- Wipe, wipe, wipe. Its very important to wipe it all off before it dries.

It leaves a nice finish that is Not oily or greasy. If it was a high shine it will bring that back and if it was a satin it brings that back. It isn't adding a coat of varnish over the original like other products I tried that had color or wax. That's why its so good for antiques. All the scratches and white faded areas are gone and they don't come back either. It has been made in Oklahoma forever but its now online so you can try it.

Done...I hope this helps someone. Thanks Doris

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