Introduction: Clean Up Those Nikes!

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My shoes get dirty.All shoes get dirty, they're shoes.Well now its time to clean them up!

Step 1: Prepare for Getting Ultra-Fresh

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  • dirty WHITE shoes
  • old tooth brush
  • bleach
  • small disposable cup
  • sink
  • old rag

You will be using bleach so obviously color shoes won't work, but some may. Wear clothes you wouldn't mind getting bleach on, it will happen.Now would also be the time to take before pictures.
Fill the small cup with about half a cup of bleach, and about 1/4 cup of water.
Take out the laces, blah blah.

Step 2: Soak Em'

Soak the soles of the shoes to get any major mud/dirt out of them so it won't get EVERYWHERE later.
Make sure the rubber is the only part in the water, unless you like very soggy shoes.

Step 3: Brush Em'

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Dip the tooth brush into the bleach solution and start brushing.Start at the sole and work up working extra hard on tough spots.Constantly rinse the bleach away with water and dry, then keep repeating.
Turn the shoe around and do the other side.Yay! Your shoe should be looking better already.
After that you can put your hand in the shoe like a foot and brush the tongue for good measure. Remember to dry her off after!

Repeat with other shoe.

Step 4: Soak Em' ( Again)

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Take the laces you set aside before (you set them aside right!?) and put them in the sink. Turn the hot water on and fill up the sink just enough.While the water is running pour in the rest of the bleach in.(like you used to do with bubble bath in the tub when you were a kid)Let the laces soak for about 30 minutes or more to your desired brightness.

A rubber duck helps with this process.

When they are done soaking hang them up to dry.

Step 5: Lace Em'

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After everything dries, lace up your new , clean looking right-out-the-store shoes and kick it!


taseronify. (author)2015-05-24

Bleach is not a soap or detergent. You should wear gloves and avoid it contacting your skin.

That One Eegit (author)2011-08-14

This wont harm the white painted leather?

FOXY33 (author)2010-01-17

my mum gets this white foam stuff similar to memory foam and get trainer clean good it like soft sandpaper cant remember what its called tho

minoverette (author)FOXY332010-04-08

Mr. Clean Magic Eraser?

DJ Radio (author)2009-10-01

Or you could just buy some darker colored shoes.

pancho del rancho (author)2009-08-02

can we trade bleach with something else cuz my nikes have yellow and blue and white and there really dirty got any ideas to trade it with

goin to the big D (author)2007-09-15

what does bleach do to colerd rubber will it affect it

You can use a magic eraser on the rubber. It works quite well. :)

JusCoz (author)goin to the big D2007-09-16

Realistically, for your own health, that of the environment, AND your shoes, a ten dollar canister of shoe shampoo from foot locker will do a better job, and you wont have to explain why you smell like the "Y". Of course, failing all other methods, good 'ol chlorine should have a minimal effect on coloured rubbers, unless of course they're actually just coloured over, in which case a small test patch should be tried.

connorcancount! (author)JusCoz2007-09-16

Actually, if you rinse off the bleach quickly, it doesn't smell at all. oh yeah, and goin to the big D, rubber probably won't absorb the bleach and have the same affects as if you poured bleach onto a red shirt , the colors probably won't run.

RiddleOfSphinx (author)2007-10-25

I use to use bleach until I found out about ammonia.

WhosWho (author)2007-09-20

Thanks! I never thought of trying it this way, I will have to give this a shot. My way was to throw them in the washing machine, sometimes with bleach.

connorcancount! (author)WhosWho2007-09-20

ha I have never actually tried that, so I can't compare, but this way is much quicker because if you only have like 15 minutes to clean your shoes if you cut out the shoelace part, you can wear them right after.

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