Picture of Clean Wool at Home
That amazing wool sweater cost you an arm and a leg, and now its dry-cleaning bill will cost you even more extremities! Suddenly, you start avoiding wearing that soft, amazingly warm Sheep's Sacrifice fearing that it'll sustain an impossible stain, or worse, a perspiration stench.

The paradox is unnerving. Until now.

Did you know that you could clean wool at home? Of course you didn't. Thats why you're here. Let me show you how.
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Step 1: Soak

Picture of Soak
1 tbsp of dish soap
1 tbsp white vinegar
luke warm water. Take care to ensure the water is barely warm, no where near hot. This will do crazy things to the woolen fibers.

Submerge your sweater (or whatever other woolen article of clothing) into a tub filled with the water, dish soap, and white vinegar. Gently swish it around with your hand. Never wring! Let it stand for at least an hour.

Step 2: Wash

Picture of Wash
After about an hour take the sweater out, and empty out the tub. Refill the tub with warm water, and put the sweater back in. Swish with your hand, gently. We're just trying to remove any soap residue. Never wring!

Once you're tired of swishing (really, it should take you only a couple of minutes) take out the sweater and ball it up in your hands, squeezing but not wringing. Never wring! Once it is no longer dripping water, we're ready to dry! This is the fun part. Relatively.
savagegirl7 months ago

I just use my machine on the cold setting and a full water level with a small amount of conditioning shampoo, and only put a few sweaters in the load. I set it for the shortest setting and everything come out perfect every time. I am a size small, so i can put five or 6 sweaters in, if your sweaters are bigger, you have to wash fewer at a time.

I wash my woolly things in the washing machine too with a special wool powder and I put them in a bag. In fact, it is better for the wool than the manual process. But, in France our washing machines are different.

dteaj7 months ago

Don't swish! Some wools felt easily. Press down gently and let up a few times. Cool water is better than just warm. The soaking is right. Rinse in cool water. Lay out the sweater on a towel and roll it up to squeeze out water. Lay flat to dry. The cool water and pressing down may not matter with a J. Crew sweater, but will really matter for merino wool.

I am a spinner and knitter and have been making and washing sweaters for more than 20 years.

BradysoBOT7 months ago

This is awesome. I just have one tip to include here: Add hair conditioner to the rinse cycle. It really makes the sweater more comfy to wear.

Whoa. That's an amazing tip!!!

alexmac1317 months ago
I have wool T-shirts, socks, long johns, boxers - use the washing machine and woolite - hang dry in closet - I have 200 plus of wool items - soup for washing machine designed for wool - saves time and money and no manual operations such as these