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Step 1:

Blob four even pea sized blobs of toothpaste onto your cd/dvd

Step 2:

Using a cloth smear evenly over the cd/dvd

Step 3:

Once nearly dry buff off with a piece of kitchen roll until shiny clean :)
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It works just make sure you don't leave residue on it I'll have to try the petroleum jelly thing sounds interesting
<p>Does it actually work? It seems like the toothpaste would go into the holes for the laser. </p>
<p>This can work but it depends on how deep the scratch is. Other things that can also fix scratched CDs/DVDs include petroleum jelly (Vaseline) and peanut butter <em>(not the crunchy kind)</em>.</p>
<p>Interesting life hack. I am going to have to try this.</p>

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