Step 4: Remove Keys

Before you start removing keys, take a high resolution picture of your key layout.  Alternatively you can draw the layout or use a friend or family member's computer as a reference.  The layout of certain keys can differ slightly among computer brands and models.

Your keys were basically snapped onto your keyboard at the factory... and therefore can be unsnapped.

Grab onto a corner of a key and firmly lift up.  You may be required to pry on more than one corner at a time to unsnap each key.  If a key (especially larger ones) prove difficult, wiggle a flathead screwdriver underneath the key and rotate the blade in several places to "persuade" it to let go.

If you spilled liquid on your keyboard, it will probably be necessary to remove the key carriers as well.  My carriers are white and rotate to allow the keys to move up and down.  These snap off similar to the keys, but yours may differ slightly.

This process will take some time, be patient and don't rush this part... that's a sure way to break something important.

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