How to clean a SLR Camera Lens!!

Step 1: Papers

Supplies Needed:

Lens cleaning paper- like $1-2

<p>Re assemble ? Eh ? You mean mount.</p><p>Please find a person that knows something about lenses..</p><p>Pete</p>
<p>Breathing does help, and it also helps destroy the MgFl and multi-coating..</p><p>Pete</p>
<p>WHAT ! WHAT ! Go get a camel hair brush from the art supply store, amd mostly whisk away the dust..Never touch a lens with anything that coud stratch it..and a dry lens tissue can and has..Jesus !</p><p>Pete</p>
May I offer some suggestions and advice gained by 65 years as an amateur photographer. <br> <br>1. Blow on your lens BEFORE wiping it with anything. That will remove SOME of any potentially scratchy substances on the lens. <br> <br>2. Get yourself a small soft haired brush either sable or squirrel or synthetic bristles. GENTLY brush the surface of the lens. This will get rid of anything your blowing missed. <br>Get a brush that is pocketable and that you can keep in a covered container. Cut the handle shorter if necessary. Do not use it for anything else but dusting the lens. <br>Very often this may be all that is needed to clean the lens. <br> <br>If not <br> <br>3. You may use a small microfiber cloth or a piece of well washed T shirt or diaper instead of lens paper. And wipe GENTLY. <br> <br>4. The advice to breath on the lens is excellent. Don't use lens cleaning fluids as they may get between the cemented elements ad damage the lens. The moisture from your breath will clean almost anything from your lens' surfaces.

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