Picture of Clean a Knife
In this instructable, I will show my way of easily cleaning a hunting knife, swiss army knife, whittling knife, etc... Remember to give me a +1!
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Step 1: Long Lasting Blade

Picture of Long Lasting Blade
First thing, after using a knife and it gets dirty, don't close it (if its a closing knife). The reason is because stuff like dirt, tree sap, what ever is on the blade might get stuck in the base of the knife, dulling the blade every time it is closed. This will assure your knife a long happy life. The picture is of my knife after doing my other instructable, Whittle a Staff / Walking Stick.

Step 2: Hot Water

Picture of Hot Water
Turn a tap on hot and wait for it to heat up. Once it is as hot as it gets, place the blade under the water for 30 seconds, rotating it.

Step 3: Electric Tooth Brush

Picture of Electric Tooth Brush
Take an old electric tooth brush, and brush all along the blade, with some pressure. Do the same thing with both sides.

Step 4: Rinse

Picture of Rinse
Rinse the blade the same way you did in step 2, to make sure it's immaculately clean.

Step 5: Dry

Picture of Dry
Dry the blade with a towel making sure that the sharp edge is facing away from the towel, not towards. Any make SURE that the blade is fully dried.

Step 6: Done.

Picture of Done.
Your blade should now be as shiny as new! Remember to give this instructable a +1!
who would clean a nife
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It worked Great!
Arbitror (author)  0.9.3906 years ago