Our awesome Epilog Legend 36EXT laser cutter started to malfunction. The image was cutting correctly, but the optical cut head started drifting to the left side of the bed until it crashed and stopped working. I called Epilog tech support and they informed me that the reason the optical cut head was drifting was that the I-Beam belt was in need of cleaning. This required a partial disassembly of the machine. They were able to provide me with instruction on removing the drive motor holding the belt in place, but not full instructions for cleaning the belt. I decided to make this tutorial to make it belt specific, instead of motor specific.

After the completion of this process the laser cutter was working better than it had in months and I was very glad that I did it. This is not something that anyone would need to do every day, but is definitely something to keep in mind as your machine clocks hundreds of hours.

All you need to do this is some distilled water, mild dish detergents, q-tips, rags, sponges and a phillips screw driver.

Step 1: Unplug the Laser Cutter

Before you do anything, unplug the laser cutter. This will greatly diminish the risk of massive electrical shock.
<p>You Sir are a Genious </p>
<p>Randofo - Our laser here at MSOE was having fits (actually the symptoms you describe in the section above). Your belt cleaning solution corrected the sityation and made me look like a rock star (or at least a competent lab tech). Thanks!!! Jeff M.</p>
does the environment-friendly brands have an ingredient that actually works better or is it just the fact that you want people to use environmentally friendly brands that you suggest them?
It is what Epilog recommends since they tend to have less harsh chemicals.

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