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The original xbox controller is very well made, and it has a usb 1.1 tip, but with the shape to work only with the xbox console. 
Like many others, this is a guide to put an USB tip on that good controller, so you can use on your pc/notebook. BUT, here is the great news: this time you WILL NOT NEED SOLDERING! The final result will be very clean, look very well made, and your controller will not be open/modified. You will work just on an external piece.

So, how to do it and what you will need:

* a little scissor or something similar 
*  the xbox 360 USB Breakaway Cable ( less than 3 dolars on ebay, doesn't need to be original!)

How to do it:

After your breakaway 360 cable arrive, you will notice that the breakaway cable IS VERY SIMILAR to the original xbox controller breakaway cable, and just need a little removing/sanding on the plastic side borders (I did it with a little serrated scissor, but a normal scissor can do it too).
You will sand for about 1 milimeter on both sides (as marked on the picture), and you should sand until it fits on the controller.

Works on Nyko Airflow too !!

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xAwesomepantsx (author)2014-04-05

Can you show it in action?

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