It's winter out there. The streets are covered with water, salt, and funky road grit. But you really want to skate. What can you do? Answer: go skate anyway, then clean your bearings so they'll live to skate another day.

This is a straightforward demo of how to disassemble, clean, grease, and re-assemble a skateboard bearing. Just in case you wanted to see it done. It's actually terribly easy if you've done it once.

Step 1: What you Need

Dirty skateboard bearings. (Can be obtained from within dirty skateboard wheels.)
Acetone or other solvent. (97% Isopropyl Alcohol is good too.)
A bowl or cup to put it in.
A small pin or straightened staple to remove the bearing shields.
<p>I have a board I've had for awhile and kinda forgot it outside under my porch during the winter. It just started seizing up and I don't have any oil or acetone to use on it any other stuff I could use that work like stuff that's around the common household?</p>
<p>is Organic all purpose cleaner ok instead of acetone?<br>organic all purpose cleaner has<br>plant nased surfactant,citrus extract,water<br><br>and i use to lubricate my bearings is sewing machine oil </p>
although I use carburetor cleaner not wd49
although I use carburetor cleaner not wd49
I'm with AlanL44 that's what I do and my bearings are fast/long lasting
<p>Wow, who has time for all that?!</p><p>Just spray some WD-40 in there there once a month and get on the road.</p><p>I'm know Abec 7 bearings are servicable, but they're 15 bucks a set on Amazon.</p><p>How much is your time worth?! o_0</p>
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<p>Would mineral spirits be another option as a solvent/cleaner?</p>
Does this remove large amounts of rust? If not, is there any way to do so?
I did it once with a electrolysis machine but still needs lube so I will tell you how good it works after.
Not really. If you've got rust, it's time for new bearings -- the balls aren't ever going to be smooth again.
My bones swiss...
Ouch. If you just want to ride them, you can probably brush some of the rust off with a green scrubby pad and a light oil. (Don't use one that you're ever going to do dishes with again.) To clean the balls, you're going to need to completely disassemble the bearing -- pull out the ball cage, push all the balls over to one side, and twist the inner race. Watch out for the balls going everywhere when you twist. Reverse the procedure to re-build. They'll never be new again, but they'll probably roll. OTOH, clean cheap bearings (VXB, Pleasure Tools) are much faster than dirty, abused Bones. Might be better to bite the bullet and get a new set or two of cheapos.
<p>are the ripstik bearing supposed to be oily/greasy? i opened up my ripstik for the first time dont know if i should clean it or not</p>
<p>Is the speed stuff I get at the skate shop (the &quot;2 drop application&quot; stuff) adequate for lubing the bearings, or do I need a legitimate grease for the bearings?</p>
Don't every use acetone it is very bad for your bearing try to stay away from anything with achohol try to use a cirtris cleaner like pin-sol or something.Even though acetone my get it oily and clean looking it will start to rust down a little bit at a time and it is bad for you to inhale.<br>
<p>Citrus based solutions leave behind a residue, whereas alcohol will evaporate. It is a bit safer to use isophrill alcohol much rather than citrus cleaner.</p>
Thanks! I might try this out, my bearings are getting all weird. My friend used to put WD-40 on his. It works, but you will have to do it over and over again. This is way easier, awesome Instructable. +1 rating.
<strong>never put wd 40 on bearings its a degreser and a rust remover and it disolves all that gunk which then get stuck and seizes</strong><br/>
<sup></sup>He's right<sup></sup><br/>
<p>Well...never lube/grease a dirty bearing <br> period. Always clean first so there's no grit, grime, dirt or <br>burnt/thick grease. Then lube away(including WD) that way the <br>part(whether it's a bearing, hinge, window track, chain, etc.) gets <br>evenly coated with the lube or grease.</p><p>And of course the more <br>viscosity or better properties it has(i.e, titanium, silicone or other <br>new technologies they have nowadays) the longer it will last and/or more <br> slippery it will be which in turn makes it move faster/easier while <br>keeping friction/heat low as possible.</p><p>I clean and silicone lube(WD40) <br>the bearings every few months on my wheelchair wheels and they spin <br>smooth and long. Same bearings that came with the chair 5 years now. </p>
what you mean by all weird?
<p>Could I use surface cleaner instead of acetone?</p>
<p>You can really use anything that dissolves grease. Dishwashing detergent? Brake cleaner? Go nuts. </p>
Unlike acetone it is oily so it is good for bearings
Use kerosene works better and not so harmful for your hands, you can get a liter in Home Depot for 10$
Yea, I agree...... i tried wearing some gloves that i had just lying around, and it tore right through them. it kinda made my finger numb. so i MOST DEFINITELY SUGGEST WEARING GOOD GLOVES!!!!!!
It's probably a good idea to be wearing natural rubber or neoprene gloves (or something else that acetone won't eat through -- vinyl, latex and nitrile are no match). It's not particularly awesome to be using bare hands in that stuff, just sayin'.
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You can add that silicone lubricant works well too.Spray a light layer,and you'll have lubed bearings.
i like silicone but i struggle removing the stuff
What type are you using?You need some spray silicone lubricant.
its rocol spray aersol type
http://www.rocol.com/corp/index.php?option=com_content&amp;view=article&amp;id=66&amp;Itemid=84&amp;lang=en<br>That one?You're using food grade,no wonder.That's for baking.What you need is some Silicone spray used for gears and hinges.<br>I use this:http://www.3inone.com/products/silicone-spray/
Yes i have that,its reccomended for bearings:<br> &quot;Precision Silicone Spray<br> <br> Non toxic colourless silicone spray providing a light lubricating film with wide temperature stability.<br> <br> Effective clean lubricant<br> Ideal for slides, <strong>bearings</strong> and conveyors<br> Resists oxidation and corrosion<br> Temperature range - 50&deg;C to + 200&deg;C&quot;<br> <br>
Hmm,I haven't used it before,but usually you're not supposed to peel it off.Try leaving it on and then going to skate.
peel it off?
You said &quot;removing the stuff&quot; so I deduced that it formed a layer over the balls.<br>Mabye it doesn't.This conversation is going nowhere.
I meant removing the silicone lube from the bearings becuase i was switching lubricants
is it safe to touch the acetone with bare hands?
Yes, it's ok, just feels really cold as the solvent evaporates via an endothermic reaction. If you keep doing it on a prolonged basis, your skin can get dry though. Also be careful not to spill it on plastic which might melt or blister (like a computer keyboard).
also some other good oils are: lithium grease synthetic oil (mobil 1) really thick veg oil(last resort) the gunk from a bike chain(works perfect if you can get it without dust i made a plastic bearing by replacing the normall bearings with airsoft bb's want to see a pic?
yeah post a picture<br />
will do
i cant see the piture/ post a lnk or something
could of been&nbsp; a bug ,here:
here <br /> <br /> 1st pic bearing with no grease<br /> 2nd pic packaging<br /> 3rdpic fully packed with grease
what bearings are they?
in the pic on step 3 is the amber coloured stuff grease or ball retainers?
what bearings are they?

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