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Anyone who has ever installed a bike computer/speedometer knows the problem.  How do you route the speedo wire in a way that is both good looking and keeps it out of the spokes and wheel?  Why do they give me 10 feet of wire?  Why are there only 3 cable ties in the kit?  

And of course it ends up looking bad; a rats nest of coiled wires and various colors of cable ties.  Then I go out for a ride, looking forward to seeing how far I have gone but end up head over heels as my speedo wire catches the front wheel and tosses me into the bushes.

This instructable tells how I solved this problem using some heat shrink and a soldering iron.


Step 1: Tools and Parts

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You'll need heat shrink.  I used 3/8 inch diameter heat shrink as this fits over the brake housing and has room to slide the speedo wire through.  I tried 1/4 inch tube, but it was too tight.

You can get heat shrink at Radio Shack Home Depot etc.  Sometimes you can find different colors!

And you need soldering stuff, an iron, some wire cutters, a stripper (or a knife) and solder.

And some bike tools.  I only needed a couple of hex keys.
Just a question, why didn't you um, you know, shrink the heat shrink?
brianbarkey (author)  Philip J Fry2 years ago
Good question! I thought I would, but after I got it all together the heat shrink stayed in place. I might later, but so far it hasn't been a problem. if you do this to your bike and shrink it, I'd love to hear about your experience.
3366carlos2 years ago
ghaom2 years ago
It looks great, it doesn't read so well. If you could have inserted instructions instead of the opening disertation it would have been great. What size resistor is used?
brianbarkey (author)  ghaom2 years ago
Hey I got it fixed!
brianbarkey (author)  ghaom2 years ago
Thanks, I'm having trouble with the editing. The website keeps putting my intro into each step.

I didn't use any resistors. Perhaps you're looking at a connection with heatshrink on it.