It is one ecological Idea to clean glass windows and also the best way!!!

strong tea (black tea or mate - I never try other type)
clean cloth
old newspaper

Step 1: Make tea and get to work

Make a strong tea (half litter of boiling water and 4 or 5 bags) of Black tea or mate.
Make a strong tea (half litter and 4 or 5 bags) of Black tea or mate.
Allow to cool slightly.
Dip a cloth in this mixture, rub the cloth on the glass and then dry with old newspaper.
It’ easy, pratical and economic, and is a great cleaser!!!

I am glad to know that I can use tea as a cleaner for my windows. That is awesome. What about really big windows? I would personally suggest a good <a href="http://pane-less.com" rel="nofollow">window cleaner</a>.
thank you i hope to try this if i don't drink all my tea first

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