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Introduction: Clean Money

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Clean your money and watch your shiny shiny coins

Step 1: Stuff You Need

The things you need :
- a few copper coins
- a cup
- a tweezer
- a measuring cup
- salt
- vinegar

Step 2: Measure

You'll need 5 cc/ml salt and 15 cc/ml vinegar

Step 3: Mixing

First put everything together in the cup and then mix everything very good

Step 4: Coins and Waiting

Throw the coins in the cup and wait for 2 hours

Step 5: Finishing

Now the last step you need to take the coins out of the cup with the tweezer and now we have shiny shiny copper

Step 6: Why?

When salt and vinegar are mixed together, you get hydrochloric acid. This acid is often used to metal objects to clean. The coin is made of copper. After a bath in the copper salt-vinegar solution is clean again.



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    just a quick note here..... if you have old collectable coins you don't want to clean them. If you do the coins loose their collective value. Most serious collectors want to see the natural patina on the coins.

    That being said, it is fun playing around with highly corrosive compounds!

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    omg you just ruined my day i just got done cleaning my 1941-1974 pennies and my 1902 penny

    i used this to clean my penny colection. once it worked on the rest of my 1941-1974 pennies i used it on my 1902 penny and it worked! i used apple cider vinger instead heres a pic of it half cleaned


    Or you can use some tomato ketchup/mayo.

    Just put a drop of ketchup or mayo on the coin and wipe with a cloth. Simple and quick. No instruments required!!

    Job done!!

    Vinegar will clean your money and the salt will speed up the process and make your money even more shinier hopefully you understand me

    the salt solution has no effect on on copper oxide and hydroxide, hopefully you understand me.

    chemistry high school.

    As soon as you clean a coin it looses it's value completely.

    Do not clean old coins or silver and gold this way. But yes this vinegar salt works fine for brass and copper.

    You explanation at the end does not explain why the coins get clean very well.

    Maybe you should reword it.

    coke works well also, and is better than drinking it...!!!

    Thank you
    I needed this solution ?