Clean Toilet Brush Use for Cat Scratching





Introduction: Clean Toilet Brush Use for Cat Scratching

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Years ago I picked up a bunch of pretty blue toilet bowl brushes for 99 cents apiece. My Mom pricked my bubble by saying "no one uses those anymore!"

So I sit with these pretty brushes...finally, after making cat cages, I noticed the cats keep rubbing on the wire. I found one of my blue wonders and put it to use by cable tie-ing it to their cage.

See the whole maze of cat walk on my other instructable. If they need encouragement, add some catnip to the bristles.

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    IF YOU LOVE cats, check out my "save them from coyotes" 150 foot plus walk. 8-)  (named Cat enclosure: cat walk/tunnel, utilizes wasted space

    I regularly search instructables for "cat enclosure" and they are awesome (you tube has many, too).

    Thank you! My cats are everything to me. I've had cats since I was in grade school which was in the 1960s. 8-) I hope you can make an instructable on a hanging birdsnest. 8-)

    You are so thoughtful. Once I saw a cat scratcher that looked like a tunnel of toilet bowl brush bristles. Yours is a shortcut. Good thinking. I bought a bunch to craft into hanging birdsnests whei a ceramic bird in it. I'm going to put them out somehow.