Step 2: Remove the Keys

After the square bolts are done away with, take off all the keys! Oh, wait!! Not all the keys... Use a slot driver, start on the top rows, and pry from underneath to remove ONLY the SQUARE keys.

Once you have the square keys removed, your keyboard should look like the 3rd picture. At this point, remove all keys except the space bar, keeping in mind that they will have rocker bars that may need to be gently pushed out with a driver or lonely mismatched chopstick.

Finally, remove the spacebar. In the 4th picture you'll see a little plastic spring molded into the piece. With a driver, pull that one way and then the other, freeing the retaining post on either side as you go. Click on the picture for details. Then pry the spacebar out from the bottom, in the middle of the bar.
<p>My heart sank when I finished step 4 and hadn't read step 5 yet. Dozens of springs fell like raindrops and I thought I was totally done for. However, I did have the luck(?) of a decades old coffee stain keeping about 30 springs in place. hehe</p>
<p>Thank you! I managed to open it, removed the keys and the springs, put them back toghether but didn't know to put the black coating over first. Managed to make them all fall out and sat in anger trying to get them back toghether. The main reason I wanted to open it was that the spring for the spacebar had snapped, I replaced it with the one for the scroll lock (never use it) and it now works amazingly well. I'm glad I found it! </p>
Glad it was helpful! And it sounds like you found the only brand new spring on the old keyboard ... not even used once! ;)
Might be correct, the space key now feel better than ever! :)
Clicky! And I just passed up the opportunity to grab one of these from a pile of outdated but functional electronics outside my neighbors house... Drat!
How is it tagged for &quot;machinegun&quot;? Please take that off, this has absolutley NOTHING to do with machineguns.
It's tagged for machine gun because of the sound the keyboard makes, and in the intro (third paragraph) it says &quot;When each spring buckles it makes a click, resulting in a machine-gun stacatto of clicky noise, as my wife can tell you.&quot;
...<br /> <br /> ...<br /> <br /> ...<br /> <br /> ??<br /> <br /> not sure what you're talking about.<br />
Naked Keyboard! if you add "only for +18" that would have made my day.
lol thats funneh

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