Cleaner: Gets It All





Introduction: Cleaner: Gets It All

Dude is Your desk covered in permanent marker, pop, coffee, or anything else ?
Clean it Up !

All you need is:
-A spray bottle
-Rubbing alcohol compound (recommended) / isopropyl rubbing alcohol
-Lemon Juice

(This is my First instructable please leave comments)
Note:If you are using rubbing alcohol compound make sure it contains 95% ethanol. DO NOT DRINK IT ! IT CAN KILL YOU. I am not liable for damage to you or your property!

Step 1: Mix It Up

All you have to do is fill the spray bottle half full of water , add 25% alcohol and 25%lemon juice
note: for a stronger cleaner use less water

Step 2: This Is How Good It Works!

the title says it all



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    wd40 works on almost anything

    just use toothpaste or softscrub on permanent marker...barely any scrubbing required and the "fumes" are minty lol

    I'm trying this now.

    I just used this, but instead of for pens and stuff, I used it on my bathtub. I must say, THIS STUFF IS AWESOME! It got all the junk off my bathtub AND removed calcium build up on the faucet and knob. Thanks for posting this!

    Mix this 50/50 with Hydrogen Peroxide and it will get out any bit of muck that ever got into your car's carpeting-scrub with a brush and let dry-it is AMAZING.

    Hydrogen Peroxide is a bleaching agent not reaccomended on carpets

    I think it needs an activator-when I used to bleach my hair (when I had some, lol), I had to mix bleach and activator-I have spilled out of the bottle peroxide from the drugstore on plenty of fabrics by mistake-no bleaching.....the hair stuff is different.

    Interesting.... might try..... Little brats trample through the truck with there mucky shoes on....

    It's really pretty amazing-I call it "Skizz"-that was the guy's nickname who told me about it. I keep it in an opaque bottle since peroxide comes in one, just in case it's light sensitive or anything. Maybe it does not need it, I don't know.

    yes, peroxide breaks down with light, probably with heat too