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Introduction: Cleaning Dingy Bottles (in Bulk)

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I make and bottle my own beer which is a great way to save money on your booze bill. I recently got 145 antique stubby beer bottles and stubby clear pop shoppe bottles for free. The problem is they sat in the old owners backyard for a few years, some still with the old liquid in them. I tried cleaning them with soaps and bleach but to no avail, until now!

Step 1: What You Will Need

-Bucket- or any container your bottles can be submerged in.

-Aquarium rocks-
-Strainer-something your aquarium rocks can't get trough.

-Small funnel- to more easily get the rocks into your bottle.

-No rinse sterilant- optional depending on how clean you want your bottles.

Step 2: Fill Up Your Bucket

Fill a bucket with about 1 gallon of water or enough that your bottles can be submerged. I added oxy-sans no rinse sterilants used for cleaning beer and wine making supplies but you could use bleach or just plain water. If you use bleach make sure you rinse your bottles well after cleaning them.
Oxy-sans or a similar cleaner should easily be found at any beer or wine making store.

Step 3: Put Rocks and Water Into a Bottle

Put enough rocks into the bottle so that it covers the bottom then add a little more. Submerse your bottle into the water in your bucket let it fill to about a quarter full. You could also use this time to clean the out side of the bottle.

Step 4: Shake It and Strain

Shake the bottle around in all directions trying to get the rocks to hit everywhere. Then dump the rocks and water into your strainer saving your rocks for the next bottle. You may have to put a little more water into the bottle to get all of the rocks out. Repeat steps for the next bottle.

Step 5: What a Difference

Before and after



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    lol sounds like you just explained my instructable in quick terms.

    lol sounds like you just explained my instructable in quick terms.

    I've kept a box of bird gravel under my sink for years just for this purpose. It's a snap to clean the bottoms of difficult to reach vases and bottles. Fill about 1/4 full with water, add just a teaspoon or so of gravel inside along with a drop or two of liquid dish soap, cover with hand or other object, and SHAKE until clean. The bottoms and SIDES (especially vases) come out sparkling clean. Empty out contents into small strainer and reuse gravel.

    No problem I hope you enjoy

    How nice !

    Thanks for posting !