Cleaning Drum Cymbals





Introduction: Cleaning Drum Cymbals

Make you cymbals scream once again like they were new with the power of lemons! No, I'm not Billy Mays and are in no way related to him

Step 1: Get Materials

To clean my cymbals I used: *Lemons (Each cymbal uses about half a lemon each, just cut 'em in half, easier to hold too)
*Bucket of hot water
*Pot scrubber
*Dry towel

Step 2: Cleaning: Lemon!

Start off by cutting a lemon in half. Rest the cymbal on a bucket as it's easier to catch the lemon juice. Take the lemon and squeeze some of the juice right on the surface of the cymbal then rub the juice around with the lemon.

Take a pot scrubber and work the juice around the surface of the cymbal. You should notice the surface to being to get slightly shinier. Occasionally rinse out the scrubber in the hot water.

Repeat the lemon treatment on the other side of the cymbal in the same way as above.

Step 3: Cleaning: Vinegar

This step is identical to the lemon step but this time use vinegar. Scrub both sides. The cymbal will begin to shine more and more. Try to be careful around the logos (if you feel they are important) as the scrubbing may start to scrape them off.

Step 4: Rinse Cycle!

Wash the cymbals off with warm water and dry them off completely. They are now clean and more shiny. If you don't believe me look at the water in the bucket. This treatment worked for all my cymbals making them both look and sound cleaner. If your really paranoid about the coating on the cymbal go and get the cleaner made by the cymbal manufacturer. Apparently the coatings on different cymbals vary but this trick seemed to work on my several different cymbals.



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    13 Discussions

    does it matter what kind of vineger it is

     i cleaned my cymbals once with one of those cymbal cleaners- they all went to crap within a year. 

    the cymbals i have now have NEVER been cleaned and i've had them since 2002. 

    i say no clean...

    Most acidic things will clean cymbals. Tabasco sauce will do the same thing. I do have a similar concern for using a pot scrubber on your cymbals like another person wrote. You should never use anything more abrasive than a soft cloth to avoid cymbal scratches. If you feel you need to "scrub" an area, scrub in the same direction as the grooves on the cymbal. i personally use a product called Barkeepers Friend. Just wet the cymbal, sprinkle some of the powder on, lightly spread it around with a soft damp cloth, let it sit for a minute or two and rinse. Works like a charm.

    look ... its a lot easier to just spend like 6 dollars on a cymbal cleaner from a music store and they will look brand new

    You DO NOT, I repeat DO NOT want to clean cymbals, ever.

    Oh Dear, if you have very goods cymbals, DO NOT CLEAN THEM UP :) The dust accumulate on it will attenuate the bads harmonics you don't want to hear. An advice from my drum teacher.

    Wouldn't the pot scrubber scrape the hell out of the cymbal? In your final picture i can see the circular scrubs in the cymbal. Though this may be cleaning them, it is also marking them up. Good Job otherwise, i like the caption on the lemon in the first frame.

    OXYCLEAN! j/k good instructable. i use coke and tin foil to clean chrome

    Lemon and Salt works wonders. Salt is the abrasive.