In this instructable I will show you how I clean my skateboard bearings. I know there are many other methods out there but I use a unusual method i guess you could say...

I would not suggest externally cleaning your bearings and as paperclip32 mentioned removing your bearing cages is not advised.

Step 1: Removing Bearings

Once you have removed the wheels from the trucks the bearings should be removed by placing the wheel (with bearings inside) halfway on one of the trucks' axles' threading and pushing down on one side of the wheel.

Step 2: External Bearing Cleaning

Whipe the bearings down with a paper towel or rag and pop the seals, and remove the cages if you want. Try and remove all mud, dirt, dust or slime the might be on your bearings.

Step 3: Final Bearing Cleaning

Take your bearings and lay them down on a paper towel.

Method 1:
If you are using starter fluid like I am you should take your bearings outside and lay them on the ground and spray them down until they are clean and run like new again.

Method 2:
If you are using acetone, alcohol or a similar solvent you should place them in your bowl, or bottle, or whatever you use, and pour the solvent in and let them soak and shake them around.

Method 3:
If you are using a lubricant like Tri-Flow make sure you lay your bearings down on a paper towel and spray them down good so you can clean and lubricate them.


Step 4: Dry Your Bearings

The title says it all.

Step 5: Lubricating Your Bearings

If you are using oil or speed oil lubricant to lube your bearings you should put about 3 drops equally on each bearing.
I love your skateboard!
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Whats starter fluid?
I advise you not to remove your cages.You might bend them.A quick shot of air will get the dirt out.
you cant really bend plastic...
Some cages are metal,some are plastic.Either way,you don't want to remove them.
bones reccomends removing the plastic cages for cleaning
Sure,if you have bones bearings.
another example is vxb bearjngs which i recently bought a set of theyre ceramics for just over 12 dollars
Okay,go ahead and remove them as long as they're removable.<br>Sound better?
yeah,did a cleaning today and removed the shields,the hard part is getting them back in
Good point. I've never taken my cages out but then again I'm very cautious.
Hey what oil are you using?
I love your deck! And the trucks go really well with the colour =)
Thanks. :) I never intended for the colors to go well with each other. I just needed a new deck and new trucks.

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