Picture of Cleaning Stained Ceramic Coated Frying Pans
I bought some ceramic coated pans on super clearance about a year ago for $75, normally $500. Last set in the store and they were trying to clear old inventory so I said why not? Now overtime (after some suspected abuse by family members) the 2 frying pans became less effective at being non stick and started to accumulate stains... I tried scrubbing them off with soap and water, carefully scrapping them with a plastic utensil, and tossing it in the dishwasher but to no avail.. So after some bacon was cooked quite well shall we say, I was confronted with a messy pan... Just thinking of a way to clean the pan with ease I noticed baking soda on the counter and a lightbulb lit up above my head... I'm sure you've heard how good of a cleaner baking soda can be as I have, but I was truly blown away by this... Read on for simple step by step instructions to remove the stains and making ceramic coated frying pans almost as good as new for next to nothing.
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Step 1: Clean With Soap And Water

Picture of Clean With Soap And Water
Wash by hand with soap and water.

Step 2: Wet Pan And Add Baking Soda

Picture of Wet Pan And Add Baking Soda
2013, 9:39 PM.jpg
If pan is dry, add a small amount of water. Then I'm sure everyone has baking soda, so go grab some from your cupboard and sprinkle a good amount in pan.

Step 3: Gently Scrub

Picture of Gently Scrub
Using a plastic bristle dish brush, gently scrub the wet baking soda around in circles in the pan, continuing until a paste forms and turns brownish and the stain lifting away. Continue until you are satisfied.

Step 4: Rinse And Dry

Picture of Rinse And Dry
After scrubbing simple rinse under warm water and dry pan with a clean dry towel.

Step 5: Conditioning

Picture of Conditioning
2013, 9:39 PM.jpg
2013, 9:39 PM.jpg
This is a simple step that should be done every so often to help protect the pans. Take olive oil and pour a small amount on a paper towel sheet and rub a thin coat onto entire interior surface of pan.

That's it! Just put in cupboard and it's ready to go next time.
redmarkonthewall (author) 8 days ago
Thanks for the tips RobinB9, if I ever buy another set like this I'll be sure to remember that
JoAnnA21 month ago
RobinB91 month ago

While I certainly wouldn't disagree with the effectiveness of cleaning this carbonization with baking soda, I do know this damages the coating. I work at GreenPan (the first one that came out with a ceramic coating) and we found out that Melamine Sponges (like Magic Eraser - Mr. Clean) with plain water (or vegetable oil) works best without damaging the coating too much.

On the contrary of what Kaye found out, we always recommend using at least a little oil to fry, but apply only when using the pan. Don't condition or season the pan up front as this creates a very thin film of oil on the pan that can easily burn onto the pan when heating.

Last thing I would like to point out about what's been said in the comments: do use soapy water to clean your pan, not only water or a towel. You need to properly degrease the pan after each use for the same reasons as the seasoning tip: the leftover fat would carbonize onto the coating and you would get brown staining like the pan above.

I hope I could help!


ami.matiauda3 months ago
It helped so much! Thanks!
kaye.thomann8 months ago

We have been researching ceramic cookware and everyone says NOT to use oil when cooking with them. If you do, use vinegar to clean them.

LloydGallant10 months ago

Looks promising but I can't test it. I never use my ceramic nonstick pan for browning meat and I never wash it at all. Eggs and vegetables only and it wipes clean with a paper towel after each use. The oil I cooked in serves as a medium to carry residue away as well as a conditioner 'til the next use. I don't nest it with other pans or use metal of any kind (forks, etc.) and it looks and performs just like the day I bought it.

petra.pashley11 months ago

It worked a treat. I used bicarbonate of soda on my stainless steel sink and pans too. They look great! This will certainly save me a few pennies :-)

WhyEyeAuta1 year ago

I just tried this and I scrubbed it quite well but to no avail.

redmarkonthewall (author) 1 year ago
Your welcome and if you want them to last longer, always hand wash and don't use metal utensils and condition with cooking oil every month or so
Ysabeau1 year ago
Awesome. Will try very soon, I've all at home including the frying pan. Thank you!
OldBird511 year ago
Thank you I am awaiting delivery of a set of these ceramic pans so now know how to care for them :)