How many of us enjoy a quiet Sunday spending the entire day doing our own thing? How many of us would cherish an opportunity to do just that? This tutorial might be the answer you are looking for. Here are some ideas to help you get more benefits from your hard labour and help your products work better for you. Organizing your cleaning schedule can be very beneficial in helping you to do the things you enjoy so much . . . . a little more often.


Step 1: Organizing Your Time

Here is a list of things you might consider doing.  Find short cuts to what you are already doing. 

•Pick one fifteen minute or half hour thing you can do two or three days a week during the week.
•Crock pot cooking has helped me a lot.
•Do a load of laundry in the evenings and fold the clothes while watching TV.
•Clean the refrigerator before you buy groceries. Maybe the night before.
•Clean rooms that are not used very much during the week.
•When cooking during the week cook extra for 1or 2 meals on the weekend and put it in the freezer.
•Have family members spend 15 minutes picking up the house every night during the week and reward them for their efforts.
•Make a grocery list and buy groceries after work during the week.

 It really helps to be organized and committed.

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