Cleaning a room (your room) really isn't as hard as you may think or believe.
Just follow these easy steps to completely clean your room.

Step one: The bed
Step two: The Laundry
Step three: The nightstand
Step four: Random stuff
Step five: Dressers and closets
Step six: Bookshelves
Step seven: computer desks
Step eight: The floor

Step 1: Step One: The Bed

Making the bed makes a room look good fairly quickly.

1-Remove stuff from bed, and wash if necessary.
2-Replace and tuck in sheets.
3-Place warming blanket (down or otherwise (unless its summer out)).
4-Place the decorative blanket.
<p>ugh i cant clean like tht thx tho n by da way u room very messy</p>
<p>that was so easy thank you</p>
<p>Jesus, i must be a horrid teenager. </p><p>This helped me though, thank you. XD </p>
<p>It took me 7 hours i kinda guess that i am a bad cleaner.</p><p>amazing </p>
hey sorry to be mean but I'm thirteen and I dont play with army guys or legos. and i go camping too but i put that stuff in my basement and if you dont have a basement put it in your closet most rooms have closets. im just saying and warning cause what girl wants to be in a guys room with legos, army guys and food fight splatters everywhere. sorry about the negatives but i had to say it this is an awesome instructable i follow these steps but i have a laundry hamper so its easier.
<p>My bf had a bunk bed. his mattress was on the floor because his brother broke it. The rest of his room was clothes and comics and a tv he never used all piled on the floor with three empty dressers and a two inch layer of dust throughout.</p><p>Trust me, girls wanna get laid too. Even to 26 year old boys. &gt;.&lt;</p>
rofl you should see my boyfriend's room lol, he has an inflatable mooncat (?) pokemon thing on his shelves along with various other primary/early secondary school junk despite him being 19 lol doesn't bother me I just laugh at him :D great instructable but I'm too lazy D: though I have tried this time and my parents love me again lol
My boyfriend likes to play with cars, but not the ones that look like real cars, but the movie cars. And his room is a disaster and I can't even walk in it.
I dont even know what a mooncat is but i want one now.
me to! lol
&nbsp;I can understand the food&nbsp;spatters,&nbsp;although&nbsp;at my age it becomes beer&nbsp;splatters. Ive always had legos and k-nex and none of my friends have ever laughed at me about it cause of the cool factor of what we all build. I dont know a soul around here who dosent have some sort of gaming console. Guys and gals alike, we all play video games and beer pong on the weekend. It must be a&nbsp;high-schooler&nbsp;thing, cause around that age it seems to be a &quot;try to impress&quot; age. once your out of college, noone cares anymore, hell me and my wife will probably end up playing more video games than our kids. Wait till we introduce the NES to them. They're gana be like WTF is this dad!?!<br /> <br /> Oh and to add to the instructable, vinegar and baking soda make a VERY good universal cleaner.<br />
ohh man you're talking to the wrong kid.... I LOVE vintage consoles.
I'm 15, still play with Lego and little green soldiers. My friends don't really care. :P<br />
You also don't use proper grammar.
Haha, you sir, deserve a medal for that. I hate when 13 year olds try to act mature, but can't bring themselves to using proper grammar, spelling, and punctuation.
Hey, not all thirteen year olds are like that, not at all. In fact, some are exactly the opposite. Plus, that rayman5 guy doesn't really use very good grammar, just like _Ko0LaiD_ said. But, you are right in the case of some thirteen year olds, who have the grammar of a nine year old.
I know a 13 year old that acts like a 5 year old..
Well, I know a 10 year old who acts like a 2 year old.&nbsp; Well, more like 1 1/2, but who cares?
Really? Do tell.
No kidding.
suk id.
Hey, I've got no problem with guys with legos and army men. :)
<p>how do i clean a 13 year olds room and make it look good </p>
It takes forever to start it... Procrastinators! Unite! Tomorrow!!!... Or some other day
You make it sound so simple. The hardest part, though, is starting...which I will do tomorrow. xDlolz
Best method to clean a room. <br>1. coat all surfaces in petroleum or other similarly flammable substance.<br>2.from outside room, throw match.<br>3.rinse and repeat until you can see all the walls and have a complet veiw of the floor without any pesky beds ect.<br>your room is now free of rubbish, funiture, paint, carpet, books, clothes and any other irritating things.<br><br>
i totally agree. i may have some issues considering i live in the loft and my floor is the kitchens ceiling. but thats just a technicality
Nice instructable. really helpful.<br>GoodJob
It´s funny that some people really need an instruction like "remove garbage" and "clean the surface" :) When I started cleaning my room by myself at the age of 9 or so I knew it by intuition... Nice step by step instructable
I started earlier too but like I HAVE SO MUCH STUFF I NEVER KNOW WHERE TO START lol
damn thats a really dirty book shelf!!!!!!
You keep knives and your entire households sidhset in your room because.............you know what it really doesnt matter because these are like the best instructions ever......even though your room is horrible..........THAT DOESNT MATTER STAY ON TRACK WITH THE COMPLIMENTS.............aNyWaYs GREAT INSTRUCTIONS,
I''m 20 years old and I'm still HORRIBLE when it comes to clean my room -__-
I can't believe I am an adult housewife, getting motivation to clean my room from an instructable created by a thirteen year old boy. :) good job, dude! When I was your age I did not clean my room without first being grounded after many threats from my parents.
What is on the window seal
why is there a bird on your wall????? just wondering
don't set them on your bed take um to the laundry matt thing.
<strong>your room is gross........</strong>

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