Picture of Cleaning Your Room! Fast and Easy
Cleaning a room (your room) really isn't as hard as you may think or believe.
Just follow these easy steps to completely clean your room.

Step one: The bed
Step two: The Laundry
Step three: The nightstand
Step four: Random stuff
Step five: Dressers and closets
Step six: Bookshelves
Step seven: computer desks
Step eight: The floor

Step 1: Step One: The Bed

Making the bed makes a room look good fairly quickly.

1-Remove stuff from bed, and wash if necessary.
2-Replace and tuck in sheets.
3-Place warming blanket (down or otherwise (unless its summer out)).
4-Place the decorative blanket.
DianaC28 months ago

Jesus, i must be a horrid teenager.

This helped me though, thank you. XD

VandaA10 months ago

It took me 7 hours i kinda guess that i am a bad cleaner.


rayman57 years ago
hey sorry to be mean but I'm thirteen and I dont play with army guys or legos. and i go camping too but i put that stuff in my basement and if you dont have a basement put it in your closet most rooms have closets. im just saying and warning cause what girl wants to be in a guys room with legos, army guys and food fight splatters everywhere. sorry about the negatives but i had to say it this is an awesome instructable i follow these steps but i have a laundry hamper so its easier.
HannahC1 rayman511 months ago

My bf had a bunk bed. his mattress was on the floor because his brother broke it. The rest of his room was clothes and comics and a tv he never used all piled on the floor with three empty dressers and a two inch layer of dust throughout.

Trust me, girls wanna get laid too. Even to 26 year old boys. >.<

rofl you should see my boyfriend's room lol, he has an inflatable mooncat (?) pokemon thing on his shelves along with various other primary/early secondary school junk despite him being 19 lol doesn't bother me I just laugh at him :D great instructable but I'm too lazy D: though I have tried this time and my parents love me again lol
My boyfriend likes to play with cars, but not the ones that look like real cars, but the movie cars. And his room is a disaster and I can't even walk in it.
I dont even know what a mooncat is but i want one now.
me to! lol
 I can understand the food spatters, although at my age it becomes beer splatters. Ive always had legos and k-nex and none of my friends have ever laughed at me about it cause of the cool factor of what we all build. I dont know a soul around here who dosent have some sort of gaming console. Guys and gals alike, we all play video games and beer pong on the weekend. It must be a high-schooler thing, cause around that age it seems to be a "try to impress" age. once your out of college, noone cares anymore, hell me and my wife will probably end up playing more video games than our kids. Wait till we introduce the NES to them. They're gana be like WTF is this dad!?!

Oh and to add to the instructable, vinegar and baking soda make a VERY good universal cleaner.
ohh man you're talking to the wrong kid.... I LOVE vintage consoles.
I'm 15, still play with Lego and little green soldiers. My friends don't really care. :P
You also don't use proper grammar.
Haha, you sir, deserve a medal for that. I hate when 13 year olds try to act mature, but can't bring themselves to using proper grammar, spelling, and punctuation.
Foaly7 Sora_1_25 years ago
Hey, not all thirteen year olds are like that, not at all. In fact, some are exactly the opposite. Plus, that rayman5 guy doesn't really use very good grammar, just like _Ko0LaiD_ said. But, you are right in the case of some thirteen year olds, who have the grammar of a nine year old.
I know a 13 year old that acts like a 5 year old..
Well, I know a 10 year old who acts like a 2 year old.  Well, more like 1 1/2, but who cares?
Really? Do tell.
No kidding.
SoDDiggerCpl (author)  Yerboogieman6 years ago
suk id.
Hey, I've got no problem with guys with legos and army men. :)
OliviaW11 year ago

how do i clean a 13 year olds room and make it look good

warreng9712 years ago
It takes forever to start it... Procrastinators! Unite! Tomorrow!!!... Or some other day
ccarreer2 years ago
You make it sound so simple. The hardest part, though, is starting...which I will do tomorrow. xDlolz
erenjay3 years ago
Best method to clean a room.
1. coat all surfaces in petroleum or other similarly flammable substance.
2.from outside room, throw match.
3.rinse and repeat until you can see all the walls and have a complet veiw of the floor without any pesky beds ect.
your room is now free of rubbish, funiture, paint, carpet, books, clothes and any other irritating things.

i totally agree. i may have some issues considering i live in the loft and my floor is the kitchens ceiling. but thats just a technicality
erenjay3 years ago
Nice instructable. really helpful.
Bauer8 years ago
It´s funny that some people really need an instruction like "remove garbage" and "clean the surface" :) When I started cleaning my room by myself at the age of 9 or so I knew it by intuition... Nice step by step instructable
ErykahA Bauer3 years ago
I started earlier too but like I HAVE SO MUCH STUFF I NEVER KNOW WHERE TO START lol
kardalan4 years ago
damn thats a really dirty book shelf!!!!!!
ErykahA3 years ago
You keep knives and your entire households sidhset in your room because.............you know what it really doesnt matter because these are like the best instructions ever......even though your room is horrible..........THAT DOESNT MATTER STAY ON TRACK WITH THE COMPLIMENTS.............aNyWaYs GREAT INSTRUCTIONS,
I''m 20 years old and I'm still HORRIBLE when it comes to clean my room -__-
kbatista3 years ago
I can't believe I am an adult housewife, getting motivation to clean my room from an instructable created by a thirteen year old boy. :) good job, dude! When I was your age I did not clean my room without first being grounded after many threats from my parents.
kewing4 years ago
What is on the window seal
why is there a bird on your wall????? just wondering
don't set them on your bed take um to the laundry matt thing.
buddydog135 years ago
your room is gross........
dardy_77 years ago
very well done. i suggest adding an 'under the bed' section. a family of moths had moved in under mine
bjarvis dardy_74 years ago
LOL! haha
bjarvis4 years ago
THANK YOU!! u r a life saver!
TaderBaby4 years ago
AH Thank u 4 instructions
!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)
jmoore-14 years ago
Knives are not scary people who do not know how to use them are scary! ;]
Breann, yo.4 years ago
Guess what I did today. c;
ParisPink214 years ago
Knives?? :-S ok.............. nice instructions tho
lmao. i wonder how your comments make him feel. :b well its a good thing he cleaned his room then huh? :D

xoxo azn Juliet xoxo
nekolover24 years ago
same hear! :D but its NOT a bad thing to show people some of my friends would drop dead with shock of how much work it takes to clean her room. I do clean her room for her and its fun for me! My room is o most always clean. I am about to clean it right know lol.
guessing this is a guys room cause of the knives.. scarry
just eww... .. my cousins is like that and smells like poo
wow this really did help me i just love this
mcarson67755 years ago
Really good article about cleaning your room! But when you need something professional for those big jobs, you should check out the floor cleaning equipment at http://shoppas.com/smh. They have always been great!
Pizzapie5005 years ago
Um wait... You said the dirty bed isn't that dirty? Wow and I thought my bed was messy and dirty...
Someone already posted this but, its strange how you can convince me to clean my room, and my parents can't. I wonder what i will be able to find under my bed...
my room is too far lost from the clean side of the world (Monthsof cleaning to get it clean. in other words i don't have a long enough attention span to clean it.
For me, it takes me DAYS to clean my room, but when I'm done, it always gets so that I can't see the floor anymore in under 24 hours.  And that's when I try to keep it clean.
grundisimo6 years ago
in step four didn't you say you hated coke? either way it is still good. my mom won't let me drink it though :(
Try Root Beer!!!  Especially IBC brand Root Beer!!!
EpicZombie5 years ago
nice man
grundisimo6 years ago
that pile of writing utensils is probably 85% Sharpies
yeah definately.
Robot Lover5 years ago
Acepilot425 years ago
my dog peed on my bed too!!!!!!
MT-LB5 years ago
those cups are naaaasty.
MT-LB5 years ago
this seems obvious, but truth is you cant just go and clean it out.
J@50n5 years ago
 Thats an overly unclean room!
 i said overly UNCLEAN
Stinky Bums5 years ago
how  do you clean your drwas easy 
Stinky Bums5 years ago
thanks for the 9 steps my room looks so awsome now i ca finally do some flips and summr sots for onec :L) 
Stinky Bums5 years ago
hhbThankes forTh 
Trelligan5 years ago
This is by far the best clean/organize 'ble here, that doesn't build something.
   I had to come back and find it, so I could make a PDF now that they have it working.
   Starting with the bed, then using it as a platform for further cleaning, is just the sort of brilliant idea that looks so obvious - after someone thinks of it. I never did...
ashes14365 years ago
to give the bed a neater look you can fold the sheets down about a foot or two, put the pillows on like you normally do, then unfold the sheet over the pillow leaving the crease from the fold tucked under the pillows
ashes14365 years ago
i love it my room looks fantastic thanks for sharing!
ashes14365 years ago
this is the best cleaning guide ever!
The Pen6 years ago
Wow... gross cups
Scotish6 years ago
L0L, my room is sssoooo messy, I have spent about 4 weekends on it so far and its not even half done. Tonight I was browsing and saw this and screamed: "MY SAVIOUR HAS COME!" thx this was great
bwpatton16 years ago
WOW I have a computer similar to that one. Except the desk it a WHOLE LOT messeier. :P
my room takes like 1 and 1/2 hours to clean...maybe this will help...
SoDDiggerCpl (author) 6 years ago
nope. they weren't happy till i painted the walls, and the furniture. but the room'd a wreck now. need to use this instructable. oh the irony.
shveet6 years ago
your parents must be proud of you for cleaning your room
ahahaha it really workss me and myy sistaa cleaned our roomss in like 5 min both of us put together
roisceh6 years ago
thank you very much.. your tips in cleaning my rooms helps me a lot... i know where to start that's why it's less stressful than before... :))
fwjs286 years ago
hahaha... mess duh!
hi :D i dnt wanna do ma room bt hav 2 :'(
rada1946 years ago
my mom tells me to clean my room for at least 2 days and when i watched this i cleaned it up right after the video
ciryx8 years ago
There is an easyer Way to Clean youre room.
Make a photo with your digicam like the showed.
Take it on your PC and open it with Photoshop.
Cut a part from the room wich is not dirty an copy it over all.

Its just a Joke.

Youre Solution to Cleaning a room is very good and tacical.
I will try it self-
mwwdesign ciryx7 years ago
Seems you need to rent a garbage truck to get all that removed! But, it can be done. I've had worse rooms than this, really. Just start in one corner and work your way through the mess. I'm guessing this room takes about an hour of hard work, two hours tops. Just keep in mind that your mind will be so much more peacefull when your room is in tip-top shape! It isn't hard to clean, it's just hard to get started.
munchman ciryx7 years ago
No That's a great idea! Photoshop your room tidy and then hang a large banner in the dorway!
iroc086 years ago
The list looks good...BUT the bed should definitely be last or one of the last things on the list. It will definitely have things put on it during the rest of the clean up process.
Audreyvgs6 years ago
please come to my house and do this for me.
Sunny1246137 years ago
Wow I am really going to refer to this from now on! but one question, what about stuff on chairs? would that be considered random junk?
The_Project7 years ago
cheers for this article man my mum usually has to bug me for 3-4 moths before i even think about cleaning my room this had going in about a minute or two so once again thanks
golfer123457 years ago
tay need to make a magnet thing that picks up plastic like airsoft bbs or random broken cunks
I don't think that will work for my room. That picture shows only half my pit i mean my room
neadse7 years ago
hey good advice i have too clean up after my brothers i'm really 12 and their boxers oww! thank anyway
Spint7 years ago
Great instructable, my room only ever gets cleaned if I get or modify furniture like this (blatant self-advertising ahead) here.
xACIDITYx7 years ago
great instructable! I love how the windex logo is always so clearly shown.
HAL 90007 years ago
Wow, i never thought that there would be a "good" isntructable on cleaning ones room, but you've done it! Great job, my room is a terrible mess, and this is just the inspiration i needed!
Uthman8 years ago
lol, why is the bed yellow in the first image XD
darkdark8 years ago
Dude thank you!! I actually cleaned today! Usually it's just all shoved under the bed or I start the clothes then put them back on the floor... Now I just have two steps left! My room hasn't been perfectly clean for months! haha btw comp usa has a 37" TV for 700 right now...
Great instructable and it looks like you've convinced more than a few people to go clean their rooms. :) I used to be really messy. Just awful. But a few years ago I figured out what you did, and started tackling it like that, and since then it's been a breeze. And since I've done it so regularly it's become normal routine to make the bed, put the dishes in the sink, fold laundry, wipe up dust, pick up trash, etc. Good stuff. Makes life less complicated to come home to a clean apartment, although now that mom can't find anything to nag me about there, she is redoubling her efforts in other areas of my life. :)
Weird how my parents can't convince me to clean my room, but some random guy on the internet can... brb.
Same here :\
PKM crazymatt8 years ago
Yeah, same here...

"Hmm, my room needs tidying.. what was the step after the bed and the laundry?" *searches Instructables* "Hold on... this is more than a little bit weird..."
WhosWho8 years ago
It looks like your box springs is sitting on the floor? Go to a lumber yard and have them cut some bed slats for you. They will know what you are talking about. The bed slats are placed on the bed rails, and then the boxsprings rests on them. You will be a lot cleaner and warmer this way, and you can sweep underneath your bed. Also, you need to put a fitted sheet on your boxsprings to keep it clean. A dust ruffle would look nice, although not really necessary.
sybyabraham8 years ago
It Would be good if you keep step one after step eight because you need to stack all the laundary and rugs on the bed and the bed is gonna get messed up.
bigpinecone8 years ago
took me a month to clean my room...
theRIAA8 years ago
WOW - I wish I had a room like yours.. That monitor is HUGE..how much did it cost you?
a grand for the monitor, and SamsClub has an above average return policy.

my bed is the black thing in the lower left corner (next to the 3rd trash can, and on the wall with the world map on it)

that section on the room was actually considerably cheap...

$1000 - monitor
$400 - table materials
$600 - computer ,everything (worth today)
$200 - z-5500 sound system
$350 - frige, micro, scanner, printer
$100 - tools, supplies

if you can't buy it cheap, build it
What kind of desk is that? I like it.
You used a tv for a monitor? what kind of converter did you use?
my craptastic dish-network receiver has an S-video out, I was stunned.
SoDDiggerCpl (author)  Weissensteinburg8 years ago
The PC/Monitor/Printer cost me the whole of $850. The room isin't that big, its just the panoramic view distortion (20'X20')
SoDDiggerCpl (author)  SoDDiggerCpl8 years ago
The house is also old (about 70 years old), all of the electric outlets are reversed (confusing). All of the GFIs throughout the house are all on one circuit, so its a wild goose chase when my parents bathroom blows a breaker. I think the monitor is a 15 incher. The cheapness of the PC is due to the fact that its an E-Machines
I have an e-machine...nothing special but it does it's job well. Is that really just 15 inches? (diagonally) wow..thats alot of distortion.
SoDDiggerCpl (author)  Weissensteinburg8 years ago
Yep, just 15". I've put a new graphics card and a dvdrw drive on my sys. Still looking to buy some ram (twice as expensive as a dvdrw/lightscribe drive!!). My system only came with 256 megs of ram, wich is enough to roughly satisfy windows XP and all of its junk.
You have a light scribe? how do you like that? Mine came with a gig of ram and a 150 gig hardrive. Ive updated the graphics card and the power supply so that I could use dual monitors.
SoDDiggerCpl (author)  Weissensteinburg8 years ago
Light-scribe is actually pretty slow (about half an hour), but it works well. I have an 80G hard-drive which came with the posPC
Wow, indeed you don't.
trebuchet038 years ago
I absolutely can't' keep my room anything but messy.... Clean, absolutely (you can eat off my floors - well, I did spill baking soda a few moments ago).

My room is clean, messy and organized (I know where everything is :P). The one thing it is not (and it bothers me a little) is efficient :P I've got projects, half baked ideas, notebooks, journals etc. in sight. I even have reference books in a few locations -- I don't resell my engineering books because I reference them frequently :P I always have something to think about and work on :P

Holy crap theRIAA! Is there a bed in that room?
SoDDiggerCpl (author)  trebuchet038 years ago
You should buy a small bookshelf like the one in the instructable, place it near your workspace, and put all of your reference books and journals on it.
Hehe... I have a small bookshelf... I've just outgrown it and am too much of a tightwad at the moment to make a bigger one :P I've come to the conclusion that engineering student's are ready to graduate when their college bookshelves collapse from the weight of their books.... I know three people that this happened too.... Weather or not this makes a good engineer is another story :P
SoDDiggerCpl (author)  trebuchet038 years ago
A test of a good engineer should be to reconstruct the bookshelf, and reinforce it to hold up to twice as much weight without hindering the use of the shelf
Danny8 years ago
a good example of a untidy person i guess your mum made u?
SoDDiggerCpl (author)  Danny8 years ago
No, I decided to clean my room because, obviously, it needed cleaning. I thought about how boring it would be, and to help make me do it, I decided to make an instructable out of it--SO HAH!
davidbacsik8 years ago
Surprisingly useful. I love the systematic approach, and it seems to be a very nice system for almost any room. Never thought about cleaning in such a systematic way, but it seems incredibly efficient. Well, I'm off to clean!
CameronSS8 years ago
Nice bird wing trophy/artwork/picture/thing. Just curious, why do you keep tree pruners in your room? Good instructable. But can someone explain the purpose of making one's bed? The floor needs cleaned so there is walk/work space and step on that pencil while barefoot, but the bed is for sleeping and no one cares what it looks like then.
SoDDiggerCpl (author)  CameronSS8 years ago
Even though the bed gets screwed up (no pun intended) every night, it is also the centerpiece of most rooms, keeping it clean really ads to the relaxed atmosphere of a room. The pruners are for my work (yard stuff) and the bird wings were collected this summer--you must have missed the taxadermized bird-head on the window sill, the painting was a gift to me from my sister T.A.G. are here initials.
This is about as clean as my room has ever gotten. I added a motor the the projection screen and put a nice big industrial shelf behind it, which does indeed help with the clutter. I also added a 7'X4' "white board" between the wall and door ware the oil change sign used to be. the "white board" is actually a product sold under the name AquaTile for use in laundry rooms, its meant to be easily cleaned, and cost 10$ for a 4X8 sheet
lemonie8 years ago
How fast is this? L
SoDDiggerCpl (author)  lemonie8 years ago
Not too long, about two hours. If you play some good music, it doesn't seem so long. Also, if your parents piss you off a ledge, this helps cool you off, and its constructive.
No one ever asked me to clean my room, and it's a sty right now... This is a very good intsructable upon methodology and process Regards L
Aeshir8 years ago
I have a small room (bout 10 sq feet) and I share it with my brother (bunkbeds!) and it never gets messy. Probably because there's no room for it to get messy. I like my tv though. I got it for like 2 bucks from a recycling center where people drop off old crap by the dump. It's a like a 30 inch or something. I friggin love that place!!!!
I'd post a picture of my room, but there's not enough room left to let the lens barrel of my camera extend. what an odd word, room.
SoDDiggerCpl (author)  Tool Using Animal8 years ago
You might need to try this instructable then! LOL
Sk8rDuck8 years ago
Story of my life... I have to clean my room soon and this makes me want to clean it. good job :) This is a good instructable on cleaning though
SoDDiggerCpl (author)  Sk8rDuck8 years ago
Cleaning rooms isn't that bad. If you'd like to know, cleaning in general can be very profitable (up to $100 per room)!
yeah but I hate cleaning my own room... My room gets really bad. Up untill the point thats its probably been 6 months and I need to clean to I have a place to walk...
sam8 years ago
Ha! Good timing.. as I speak, my iBook is perched on a mountain of text books, CDs, hacked electronics and a whole bunch of Canadian space agency fridge magnets...
jammis8 years ago
Sweet. I half cleaned my room (still have to do closet and wire up the speakers through out the room). But this makes me want to finish now so i think thats what tonight is going to be. SWEET intstrucatble!