Cleaning Your Room





Introduction: Cleaning Your Room

What you need

Any kind of paper

Writing utensil

Messy room

Pandora or any kind of music

Step 1: Making a List!

When I clean my room I always make a list! I make a list because it makes it seem less piled up and you know what you still have to do!

Step 2: Tip 1.

My first tip is to do the laundry first but if you don't do your own laundry bring it to your laundry room.

Step 3: Tip 2.

Make your bed because it makes your room look so much cleaner!

Step 4: Tip 3.

I would put on pandora or any kind of music on but I wouldn't suggest a tv because you will most likely get distracted but do whichever you like!

Step 5: CLEAN

Now it's time to clean! I hope these tips help you!!!



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    Please comment your advice because this is only my 2nd insrtictable

    Thanks that's like part of my list but it really helps

    Good organization process!

    I hope you like my tips to clean your room!!!!