A Thompson Center muzzle loader is a black powder gun; meaning the bullets and powder aren't in a case like most gun bullets.  Muzzle loaders have came a long way, they were some of the first types of guns that were used.  A useful skill to know when you have a muzzle loader is how to clean it, because after shooting it, it will get dirty.  When the gun is shot the black powder sticks to the sides of the barrel; making a mess. I started shooting a muzzle loader with my father when i was 12, and it is one of my favorite types of guns to shoot.  The only down side that comes with the gun is the time that it takes to clean it.  Through the years I have learned how to clean my muzzle loader in a relatively short amount of time.  The average amount of time it takes to clean a muzzle loader is about 10-25 minutes.  The gun should be cleaned after shooting it, or it can get rusty, and won't shot correctly.  All of the supplies can be found at any sporting goods store with a hunting/guns section in them.

Step 1: Round Up All Supplies

TIP: When dealing with a gun the first step you should do before cleaning it is make sure that it is not loaded.  With a muzzle loader you will have to take the breach plug out of the back side of the barrel.  If this is not done the gun could fire unexpectedly.

1. Round up all of the supplies that are listed below.

-Dirty Gun
-Ram Rod
-Breech Plug Wrench
-Dry patches
-Knight EZ Clean spray
-Breech Plug greese
-Rem Oil (any gun oil will work)

   Tip: Lay out all the supplies before hand to save time, and trips back and forth from where they are stored.

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