Introduction: Cleaning a Car's Headlamps.

Picture of Cleaning a Car's Headlamps.

After performing an led upgrade to a hyundai trajet, I needed to have the plastic assembly of the lamps cleaned. I used plastic polish to get rid of that nasty haze on the headlamps.

You can take a read of my Led upgrade here.

Step 1: Apply the Wax to the Headlamps.

Picture of Apply the Wax to the Headlamps.

I used one cloth to apply the wax. When dried, I used another to buff the wax off.

Step 2: Clean and Clear Headlamps!

Picture of Clean and Clear Headlamps!

Due to the fact that led headlights generate less heat, these would stay clear for much longer.

Yay leds!


buck2217 (author)2015-06-24

You can also use metal polish (like Brasso) to good effect

mbox180 made it! (author)2015-05-24

works good

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