Earilier today my dad found his old 1989 brass zippo, since he had no use for it he gave it to me, and i already owned a brass zippo, so I wanted to see If I could clean it up.
I started of by cleaning it with some brasso, I took out the insert and scraped off some of the rust , then to stop it from rusting again I sprayed it with some wd40. I re-flinted it and added gas and now its almost identical to my 2011 brass zippo
<p>Shame some girl fucking lost/stole my brass zippo at a party. </p><p>Lent it to her and blam, gone.</p><p>Doesn't pay to be a show off, I guess, had a regular lighter in my pocket as well.</p><p>Glad I didn't have my other zippo on me that day.</p><p>Would have beheaded her if she lost that one. My friends gave it to me as a gift wayyy back.</p>

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