video Cleaning copper with saltwater and vinegar

Easy DIY
* Warm Water
* Table Salt
* Vinegar (Any kind should do)

After copper is cleaned wash off with water to remove vinegar.

Also to give copper a patina. Brush new/ clean copper with steel wool then use a cheap hand pump sprayer to cover the copper.
kimh2517 days ago

I am going to try and make this to clean copper piping. Do you happen to have a ratio suggestion for each ingredient before I start experimenting? thanks.

subti74 years ago
I recently removed parkerizing from an old shotgun (steel) using Distilled Vinegar. I just left the main parts soak overnight, dumped the smelly vinegar, gave them a soak in water to remove the vinegar, and then promptly moved the pieces into a pre-heated oven (250 degrees) to dry before rust had time to settle.