Picture of Cleaning fungus from an Olympus PEN F Lens
While at a thrift shop, I came across an old Olympus PEN FT with a 20mm f3.5 lens attached. Although I had hopes of shooting film on using this camera and lens, it turns out that not only was my desire to shoot on film minimal, but the attached lens had some fungus between some of the elements.

Given that the lens itself isn't very expensive and that I had a not-insignificant desire to see how well this lens performs when paired with a modern Olympus E-P1, I decided to take a small risk and take the lens apart.

This lens is not terribly complicated, but with any operation like this, I recommend taking detailed notes.

Warning: I really have no idea what I'm doing here -- although this turns out successfully for me, you should follow these instructions at your own risk.  Please do not do this with any lens you consider valuable -- it is quite easy for you to permanently damage your lens.
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Step 1: Disassembling from the Back of the Lens

Picture of Disassembling from the Back of the Lens
If you look at the back of your lens, you'll find two screws; unscrewing them will allow you to remove the rear panel of the lens. 

Step 2: Removing the Focusing Ring

Picture of Removing the Focusing Ring
Unscrewing the three highlighted screws will allow you to remove the focusing ring.

Step 3: Removing the Rear Lens Element

Picture of Removing the Rear Lens Element
For accomplishing this, I had to be a little creative -- although there is a proper tool for this, I didn't have one at my disposal.  Be very careful if you follow this step!  Also, there is no need to follow this step if you do not see fungus behind the rear lens element.

First, find a pair of pliers and wrap the nose of the pliers with electrical tape to prevent the pliers from damaging or scraping the lens.

Then, grip the plastic piece holding the lens.  Turn counter-clockwise to remove the plastic holder.

Finally, find either a suction cup or something sticky to use for pulling the lens out from its recess.

Step 4: Starting from the Front

Picture of Starting from the Front
After removing the rear lens element, I realized I was at a dead end and started disassembling from the front.
Very impressed. You work cleanly and neatly. Well organized. Thank you for your lessons.
rimar20001 year ago
Good work, thanks for sharing.