Cleaning Oil Stains on Your Driveway





Introduction: Cleaning Oil Stains on Your Driveway

If you search online for ways to remove oil stains, you'll come across all kinds of things. One of the most common suggestions I've come across from "experts" is to use a brick to grind cat litter into the concrete. This does absorb wet oil on the top of the concrete, but it doesn't really get rid of the stain.

The best solution is cool product called Pour-N-Restore. It goes on as a liquid and dries into a powder. The company's website claims that the product soaks into the concrete and pulls up embedded oil stains, capturing them in the dry powder. Whatever it does, it works! I've used it several times on my driveway and I can't even tell where the stains were.

Another cool thing about this product is that you're not rinsing oily slime off the driveway into the grass or down a drain. Pour-N-Restore holds the oil in the powder, so you just sweep it all up. The back of the label also states that it's biodegradable and phosphate-free.

Step 1: Sweep

After Pour-N-Restore dries out, you just sweep up the powder. Sometimes, after you sweep, the concrete will still be wet. You just need to let this moisture evaporate.

Step 2: Oil Stain Is Gone

You can see that the oil stain is gone now. All the oil is trapped in the white powder.



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    I love this product because I can use it IN the house for cleaning as well. I use it on the counter tops and it removes all types of stains. I even use it in our shower to remove built up soap scum and glass stains - there is no heavy scrubbing.

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    Good stuff! I have many, many, many nice dress shirts that have dark grease spots on them from food. Unfortunately they have set in due to the dryer heat. Do you think this stuff would take those stains out? Could you try it and let me know? I'm always looking for alternative solutions.

    Goop handcleaner works on some set stains as well. Good for cleaning hands and clothing stain removal.

    Yes, I agree goop is better for clothes. Make sure you have a cloth under the garment so it doesn't get on the surface where you are lying the dress, etc because it could take the finish of . I have a granite counter in my kitchen and it did take the polish off in a small stop. we buffed it but it didn't bring back the finish but we have to redo the surface with a product like varnish which the original has lasted us about 8 years . That's a long time.

    Not sure this will work on the set in stains, it might. At a gas station I worked at, I did the powerwashing or just hose off the parking lot. When it came to oil stains, I used Dawn grease fighting dish soap mixed 50/50 with baby oil. On concrete, I used a broom to scrub in the solution and let it soak 5 min. If it didnt' get it completely out, treat it again.

    Dab some dishwashing liquid on the stains, let sit for 5 minutes and wash as per normal. The nitro glycerine in the soap breaks down the oil and you are good to go. Hope it works out!1

    Tommi Potx, Does this work even after the clothing has gone through the wash and dry cycles several dozen times? I'm talking about old set in stains from months ago, not a new spill. I know your method works for new stains. I have a 4 month old kid and I use your method all the time. Thanks.

    I use a product called goof off, it always takes out stains that have been through the laundry, I've saved a lot of shirts this way...give it a try!

    Actually, I did try it on the carpet in my truck too. It got the grease stain out, but it also lightened the carpet a little. So, I don't know if I would use it on clothes. Maybe whites. Although, I guess if you've got a shirt thats trashed, what's the harm?

    Does it get rid of fart stains


    2 years ago

    While older reviews are fantastic, recent reviews on Amazon are not so great. It seems the manufacturer has changed the product and it no longer works the way it used to.

    Some of you never cease to amaze me. GOOGLE IT. How lazy can you be!

    It is a commercial lol Look at the picture posted here and then look at the bottle here from the website, same picture.

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    no joke! the picture above is the picture on the bottle!

    After looking at the MSDS on this product I definitely would not use it indoors. I would also use it as a last resort. Yes life can be better through chemistry, but I want to use substances that are a bit more evironmentally friendly. I can see using it when painting a garage floor.

    Powered tide is non toxic and dissolves the oil. Scrub with a little water and wash away. Easy and done.. Even better. Put a little on before rain and done.

    Looks like good results but comes with quite a price tag

    Where can you buy this stuff? And can it be used on asphalt driveways the same way as on concrete?