Cleaning Room





Introduction: Cleaning Room

This is my first insturctable :> So i will show how to clean small room, in my case corridor :)

Few steps howto. Lets go on

Step 1: Get Room

You should find some room, e.g corridor, you can see there is some mess :) litlle bit of mess. So room where you can clean something up.

Step 2: Tools

Now let's find some tools.

Broom and showel. In this case my broom is dirty.

Step 3: Take Off

Now in this step, we should take-off everything necessary thing that can mess in our big work (hard-one r0x00rz). Stay on floor only dirts and another sh*t.

Step 4: Start

Now lets start to sweep up the floor. You should sweep anything, even there isn't what to sweep, but believe me, there is some dust, so take them too.

Step 5: Put On

Sweep up everything that we have sweeped up to showel

Step 6: Garbage

And now everything what you have picked up, go to the garbage can, and throw everything out!



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    ...i doubt there is anyone who reads this page and does not know how to clean a room...

    Happy to be the first.

    Dint read it though

    MY clean toilet lol


    Eh...I'll give it average. Not the worst instructables I ever saw. Trust me.

    I wish I thought of that!!

    Oh man... Who'd a thunk it!!! I liked the 'Broom-cam' shot...

    i dont understand you put items on the floor then hit them whith a broom?(its a pitty that stupidity doesnt hurt)


    So thats how its done !