hi, on this tutorial ill show you how to make an easy project that will help you a lot,
its called "cleaning sandals"

Step 1: Materials

the Materials you will need:
1 sponge
1 steel wool
a pair of sandals

Step 2: Make It.

ok now you can just glue the steel wool to one of the sandals and the sponge to the other sandal.
its should look like the picture:

Step 3: Use It

to use it just take some water with soap and wet with that the sponge,
then just walk around with the sandals on the area you want to clean.
<p>Ha, need to make some for the kids for the school holidays.</p>
<p>I imagine double-sided "Carpet Tack" tape would work too</p>
<p>Double sided adhesive</p>
<p>Double sided adhesive</p>
<p>What kind of glue did you use? </p>

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