Introduction: Cleaning the Glass on a Self-cleaning Oven

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A self-cleaning oven does great with the metal interior but over time leaves a baked on brown film which I assume is primarily grease.

I read a number of solutions including baking soda, ammonia and vinegar. None worked.

The solution turns out to be simple. Use a razor scraper to remove the hardened film. in the first picture you can see the clean left side and you will note the brown residue scraped off. The second picture shows the finished job.

Too easy!


chada (author)2016-01-10

Thank you! This got me about half the way there, but then I had to finish off the job with some Ceramabryte to get off the rest of the film residue. But the razor blade saved me a LOT of elbow grease :)

Grunambulax (author)chada2016-01-10

Cerambryte. I have to look into this. How did I not know about it? I'm going to have to turn in my OCD card.

chada (author)Grunambulax2016-01-11

:) I use Ceramabryte for (its intended usage) to scrub a glass cooktop of burned on food. It's a miracle product. Just bought some more from Amazon because of this conversation!

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