Cleaning* Your Room in Under 30 Minutes





Introduction: Cleaning* Your Room in Under 30 Minutes

Sometimes, we just don't have time for things. Cleaning your room is one of them. If someone asks you "which would you rather do, clean your room, or play video games?" Chances are, unless you're some anti-video game person, you'll say "video games!" Which is exactly my point. Basically, you are using the "out of sight, out of mind" illusion. Your room looks clean and organized, but in reality, you've just moved your stuff around!

*Hey, we never said organizing!

Step 1: Get Ready...

If this is your first time doing this (hey, it happens to everyone) take a moment to survey your room to find hiding spots for your junk. Keep in mind that drawers can hold a lot of stuff, beds are good for large things but usually get checked, and closets are great (as long as your parents don't get in on your scheme.)

Sorry for the cruddy panoramic

Step 2: Set...

Now prepare your room for a complete makeover. Open all your drawers, find empty boxes, and search for any other hiding spot unique to your room!

Step 3: Go!!!!

Now close your door, and the fun begins! Lift up stuff, open bags, and watch as your messy room is "cleaned" up before your eyes!



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    0 yah and 94 get your gaming facts right i have an atari and geek101 is right its a 2600 controller. Just telling you learn your gamer facts early youll need me later in life. >.<

    1 reply

    My mom checks EVERYWHERE. she looks no matter of my feelings, I swear she might have once pursued being a detective... ?_?

    But normally I pass most stuff on as "it belongs there" XD

    HOLLY..... RANDOM!!!!..... hahhhaha cool, but i bet its really difficult to find something in particular in all that mess..

    i really dont find your guide very convinent and its really not cleaning. It is more of a packrat version of cleaning. I was like this till last week i had a mega clear out and now i have no troubles cleaning. Trust me if you keep doing this until you get older your gonna want to keep every piece of paper or tissue you find. It happened to me but i cleaned up and now my parents let me have the old computer in my room so cleaning can benefit you. This is a nice guide if you dont continously us this style.

    I generally keep my room very clean, but my brother finds it's easiest to shove everything under the bed and in the closet.

     Get a snow shovel, and shovel it out the window!

    That was not an Atari! I'd know I have one! That looked like a cheap t.v. plug in from Walmart!

    1 reply

    exactly wat i did except i had to life the bed to do that but no1 can see anything in there!

    Or, to put it another way

    • Find a box
    • Put your junk in the box
    • Put the box under your bed

    ? I think that's a perfectly good way of tidying. As a massive packrat I have a lot of tools and a lot of "materials" (ie things I haven't figured out what to make into yet). The tools indiscriminately go in a large drawer, the "materials" are currently in a big cardboard box, but at least they aren't all over the desk and the floor.

    What happens when you want to find a particular item in those containers is another matter...
    1 reply

    lolz but then I wouldn't be able to make it an instructable