Cleaning/Sharpening a Folding Knife





Introduction: Cleaning/Sharpening a Folding Knife

Hey guys, it's been a year or so but I figured I would post this video of me Taking apart, sharpening, cleaning, & reassembly. The knife is a CRKT M1 I used a Lansky sharpening system with Norton honing oil.
I recommend buying the deluxe sharping system for just over $30 from

Let me know if you guys and gals would like to see more of these kinds of videos or what songs you would rather hear.

There are two versions with different songs (Day N' Nite instrumental by Kid Cudi, Ghost writer by RJD2) I do not own the songs and will not profit from these videos. The video content is my own edited with power director.



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No video. :-(

your video is set to private :(

I have the Lansky, decent easy to use system, but for most of my knives I just touch them with a smooth file.