Introduction: Cleaning/collecting Up Metal Filings

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This ible will show how to easily and cleanly clean up metal(ferrous that is) fillings

Step 1: Materials

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The materials for this are minimal
They include:

- magnet (preferably a strong one)
- a ziplock bag or similar

Step 2: The Bag

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What you need to do first is to turn the bag inside out so that you can seal the filings inside it when done cleaning

Step 3: The Magnet+bag

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Place the magnet inside the bag
This will ensure that your magnet is not covered in filings by the end of this

Step 4: Clean Up Time!

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Now make sure the filings won't get to the magnet, just roll or tie the bag closed. Now just run the whole thing across your workbench or where ever and watch the magic of magets

Step 5: Collecting the Filings

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Now to get your filings inside the bag carefully flip the bag right side out. Now seal the bag closed and there you go, a nice bag of filings( and probably other bits of trash)

Step 6: What to Do With It All

If you have been on the internet for a little bit, you've probably seen the magnetic putty. Now if you know how to make slime or goo you can just mix in some filings and BAM it becomes magnetic( of course you might have to tweak the recipe to make the slim a little thicker

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Modern Rustic Workshop (author)2016-11-09

So simple but so brilliant!

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