Picture of Clear BIC Pen Bow and Arrow
http://www.instructables.com/id/Bic-pen--bow-%26-arrow/this is a bow and arrow made of a clear bic pen similar to the regular bic pen bow and arrow created by postapoc with a few moderations that could possibly make it better. (link to bow and arrow by postapoc at beginning) please comment :-)
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Step 1: Materials

Picture of Materials
the materials are a bic ultra round stic grip pen, a rubber band and a knife.

Step 2: Pen

Picture of pen
now take apart the bic pen

Step 3: The Hole

Picture of The Hole
now using the knife make a hole in the pen ,big enough to fit the grip but now to big or else you will break the pen.

Step 4: Grip or long thing

Picture of grip or long thing
put the pen grip into the hole that you just made. you can also use the long thing that was used in the other bow and arrow but the grip is better because it is shorter and wider. shortness is good because the ammo will get to the rubber band quickey therefore more power. wideness is good because you can use a lot different ammunitions. ( 2 pictures)

Step 5: Rubber band

Picture of rubber band
now cut 2 notches at the top and bottom of the pen to hold the rubber band in place. once you have cut these slide the rubber bands in place.

Step 6: Launch

Picture of launch
put your ammo (the ink canister works very well) through the grip or long thing to the rubber band. then pull back the rubber band with the ammo to your desired power and let go.
0_05 years ago
If you cut the arrows down you can fit a few of them and the bow inside of an altoids tin.
EPL (author)  0_05 years ago
you could do that or use q-tips. how much did you cut them down to?
0_0 EPL5 years ago
Just small enough to fit in the tin. Q-tips sound like a good idea though, I'll give that a try.
EPL (author)  0_05 years ago
a kid brought it in to school with q-tips and he shot one into my. literally between the socket and actual eyeball.
into an eyeball that could blind someone
carpfluff EPL5 years ago
jayzeerox5 years ago
This is so awesome! I made it with a 'comfort grip' from staples.
ztaffa5 years ago
u no clear bic pens hav a hole in the middle stick a nail in there and hammer
Dr.Bang6 years ago
Cool! I "accidently" used this on this jerk in school and wound up in I.S.S Served him right though
Your school has "in school" too?

Ya, and it wasn't so bad actually

wait, you hit him with it and he wound up on the international space station? lol JK
Your school has "in school" too?
EPL (author)  Dr.Bang6 years ago
oh sweet sweet revenge! :-)
on the 5th step i accidentaly made acool crossbow that shoots like ten feet this idea is very good and it works too
acdc12266 years ago
theres a ton of these!
Jake_C6 years ago
http://www.instructables.com/id/Bic-pen--bow-%26-arrow/ was here about 3 years before this...
EPL (author)  Jake_C6 years ago
ok? i joined like 2 months ago, so whats your point?
Jake_C EPL6 years ago
I'm not saying you intentionally stole it, but look up instructables before you post your idea to see if their are any that are almost identical. If there is a big difference, than post it, but if not, don't.
EPL (author)  Jake_C6 years ago
I realize there are a lot of these types of instrucatbles. this has some small differences such as the grip going through the pen. its a bit shorter also. its clear and looks better.the arrow is smaller.
Jake_C EPL6 years ago
he made this because their is the bic grip stick pens that are different than the ones the other dude uses
Jake_C EPL6 years ago
BTW, I'm not just talking about you, if I felt like wasting 10 minutes, I could find at least 10 of these, I'm not trying to offend.
joeydarke6 years ago
how far does this go?
EPL (author)  joeydarke6 years ago
prety far if you pull it back all the way. i'd say about 15 feet if the conditions are rights.
EPL (author) 6 years ago
wow this is great :-)
canno EPL6 years ago
lol compliment ur own instructable?
EPL (author)  canno6 years ago
yep forgot that it says author right next to your name