Picture of Clear Bottle Purse
I thought I would throw this one in for fun, it is constructed a little differently than my other one, but I think it looks neat. Also could come in handy at some high schools if they make you bring clear bags. This is being entered in the Tap'dNY Keep the bottle Contest. If you haven't yet, Please vote-please vote-please vote! Thanks!
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Step 1: Materials needed

Picture of Materials needed
First you need:
1. A clear one liter pop bottle
2. Clear vinyl sheeting- 14 1/2 inches by 7 inches
3. A package of clear lacing, like you use for lanyards
4. Clear beads
5. Super glue, if you want to use it for the knots
6. Peanut butter!


a. Some dental floss
b. A hole punch
c. An x-acto knife
d. A cutting board

Step 2: Cut your bottle

Picture of Cut your bottle
good purse line.jpg
good line.jpg
good holes.jpg
good bottom.jpg
I used a regular 1 liter pop bottle.
First I cleaned off my bottle, scrubbing the sticky parts with peanut butter to get it all off. (You have to scratch the remnants of the white plastic label off under hot water with your finger nail.) Then, I tied a string around the middle of the bottle, and drew a line around right below the string. I used ribbon at first, but then I used some dental floss, and I think it worked better because it didn't slide around. I also used a water based pen to draw my lines because I wanted my purse totally clear, but a "Sharpie" would stay on better, so it's up to you. I cut the bottle using an x-acto knife. Then I drew another line about a half inch down, and punched a line of holes about a 1/4 inch apart with a hole punch.
Its a cute idea, because you can see the contents of the purse. I can see myself making one for my 2yr old to store and carry her small toys, or to be used to store knitting/crochet stuff, anything can be stored or carried in here, and with a green soda bottle bottom, it would be a great bag for boys to stash and carry their army men toys.

Ive seen this in a vintage magazine done with a big white beach bottle, and crochet worked in the holes to make a drawstring top.
Thanks for sharing the idea.
libraryCat (author)  EmeraldGreenIvy6 years ago
Thank you for the comment! Yes, in the "Epic fail" purse, I mentioned that a mother of one of my friends has a bleach bottle one for her curlers. :) I've thought recently that I could use mine to store ribbon reels. It's about the right size. (I kind of hate to cut holes in it though.)
dkfa6 years ago
is this fashionable in any way?
libraryCat (author)  dkfa6 years ago
Oh, yes! Especially for Robots. And as everyone knows, we robots are eminently fashionable. Trust me. No, really.