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Introduction: Clear Case PC

Hello Everyone

I needed an HTPC for my living room , so instead of buying a new Slim PC ( expensive ) , i decided to build a case for my old PC , got an LED stripe light , added a graphic card , low profile fan for CPU and long live watching movies!


The Spec:

Motherboard: ASUS P5Q

CPU: Intel Core 2 Due

HDD: 320GB 7200rpm

Graphic Card : zOTAC

2 Chasis fans for cooling the case ( although it is open )


Cool project to work on , it came out great!




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That looks great!

I think people would love to see the build process. If you happened to take any photos along the way, you could add those into some steps and describe how you put this all together. Just a tip! :)

This looks so nice!

That core though!

Sounds like a cool project, I will probably try to do this with my next broken or old machine!

I would love to know how you did this! I'd like to do this myself as this is AWESOME!!!