Introduction: Clear Glitter Frozen SLIME Without Borax Vs Slime With Borax

How To Make DIY Slime with and without borax.
How To Make Slime without Borax, You will need:

00:00 - Transparent glue

00:09 - super concentrated laundry detergent

01:07 - Paint

01:11 - Glitter

How To Make Slime without Borax, You will need:

02:40 - Transparent glue

02:48 - Water + borax

02:53 - Eye Drops

02:16 - Paint

03:21 - Glitter


Darlenegreaves_ (author)2017-06-19

Can you use fairy detergent instead of the liquid one?

MelissaS225 (author)2016-09-04

I want to make a slime cape for Halloween. Would this slime dry out and hold it's shape if I were to say ... drape it over a mannequin and let it dry in the sun for a few days?

It might be too late, but you could try The King Of Random's (YouTube) DIY Proto Putty. It dries in 15 minutes, and is basically low-cost Sugru.

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